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WordPress web design by Codalista in Barcelona

Currently, there are various tools for creating complete web pages, which work as allies for companies that want to increase their sales and achieve greater recognition and acceptance on the web.

Codalista is an agency that has a presence in the digital world and offers the WordPress web design service in Barcelona, ​​which allows the development of custom web pages for all kinds of companies and ventures. Codalista is responsible, through this service, for configure these electronic pages, install the plugin required and create a sophisticated websitewhere you can navigate quickly.

Advantages of WordPress web design offered by Codalista

In recent years, 40% of websites for entrepreneurs and companies have been created through WordPress. This program is used to create web pages because allows a friendlier, safer and faster navigation. Likewise, to create a web page through the services offered by Codalistnecessary have a clear idea about how you want to make the page, agree on a delivery date with the agency and send the content that you wish to be published through this platform, such as articles, photos, illustrations or videos. Afterwards, the agency is in charge of starting the construction of the website and, when it is ready and authorized by the client, Codalista launches it in the virtual universe. Similarly, through the Codalista platform, customers will be able to request an initial consultation to start building your website.

Corporate web pages by Codalista

Corporate web pages provide all the information of a company. The objective of these is that customers can know the products and services offered by a commercial establishment and build a closer relationship with potential buyers. The web pages of companies are generally made up of 4 basic tabs and a home page, which is the first page that appears when entering through the web domain and offers contacts, internal links and a summary of the services provided by the organization. In addition, the corporate page must have a services page, which tells in detail what products the company sells and how they can be purchased. In short, Codalista is the agency that, through the WordPress web design service, creates Complete web pages for individuals, cooperatives and companieswith professional support, responsibility and usability.

SEO web pages optimized by Codalista

Design and corporate image are important for a website. You can have the best website in the world, but if it is not visible to anyone, it is useless.

In this sense, Codalista also offers an SEO service to make the website visible on the first pages in search engines. Over 5 years, they have carried out several projects, which can be seen on their website.

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