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Why is it necessary to have a mobile-friendly website and how to do it with WordPress – Marketing 4 Ecommerce


Nowadays, Internet users spend most of their time connected from their mobile devices, since these allow the connection from anywhere and at any time. Thus, it is estimated that currently about 70% of navigation It happens through these teams. This creates the need for websites to have a version or format adapted to mobile devices; so that an equally seamless experience can be guaranteed, whether users connect from a computer or mobile.

How to adapt your WordPress for mobile

Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the cms most used in the world for the creation of websites. It offers a complete and intuitive platform for content management. Bearing this in mind, SiteGround, the web hosting platform with more than 18 years of experience, has made an explanatory webinar onhas held an explanatory webinar on How to adapt WordPress for browsing from mobile devices.

This webinar, given by Fernando Tellado, consultant and WordPress expert, offers a guide on how to adapt a WordPress page for optimal performance on mobile devices. For this Tellado recounts the following four main points, essential to manage a WordPress website from mobile devices:

4 aspects that you must take into account when managing your website in WordPress

1. Theme

As a first point, it is essential to choose a theme for the website that is compatible with mobile devices. Since even within these devices the presentation of the web can change due to the dimensions of the screens, so it is important to maintain a design that is not distorted.

2. Possibilities offered by WordPress

Being one of the most used CMS in the market, WordPress has a wide catalog of integrations, tools and services, which can help in the process of adapting and creating a mobile version.

3. Legibility

Of course, you also need to take legibility into account. As in the case of the themes, the contents must be appropriately adjusted to the website, guaranteeing good legibility. Since, otherwise, it could affect their performance in aspects such as SEO.

4. WPO (Web Page Optimization)

Finally, it is necessary to be aware that the mobile connection is a very different type of connection to the fixed internet. This demands a much faster loading, so that it guarantees an immediate and frictionless navigation.

A continuous training channel

In the same way that they have released this webinar that we are commenting on, the SiteGround web hosting provider usually releases 2 webinars a month, offering expert opinions on different subjects, such as: SEO, digital marketing, web development, WordPress, among other topics. of interest on the digital plane.

Which are mounted on your channel SiteGround Spain, thus presenting an extensive list of knowledge, advice and useful guides for development as professionals within the digital ecosystem. And they are also completed with a library of referential posts that can be located within your website..

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