What types of master’s degrees in Nursing can I study?

Urgencies and emergencies, pediatrics and neonatal, geriatrics, cardiology or operating room are some of the areas that you can choose to specialize.

If you are a nurse who is looking for official postgraduate training that will qualify you for the exam, or who wants to specialize in one of the fields of health, a master’s degree in nursing can help you achieve it.

If you are working, either in the public or private sector, and want to increase your knowledge about caring for patients in geriatrics, pediatrics, oncology or emergenciesthere are many master’s degrees at your disposal.

Below we see what the Nursing career is like, what it means for it to be a regulated profession, the official master’s degrees in nursing that you can find and other specialized masters in different areas of health:

1. How is the Degree in Nursing?

The Degree in Nursing is structured in 240 ECTS credits, with a theoretical duration of four years, although on average it usually lasts a little longer, about 4.2 years according to data from the Ministry of Universities. The objective of this course is for students to be able to provide technical and professional health care appropriate to the health needs of the people they serve, as well as to design care systems considering the physical, psychological and social aspects of each person.

According to the CYD ranking, The best universities in Spain to study Nursing They are the University of Barcelona, ​​the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Navarra, the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Alicante. For its part, the QS ranking also includes the University of Granada among the best in Nursing.

Last academic year 2020/2021, the cut-off mark for this Degree was 10.31 points on average, while the admission mark was 10.76. Specifically, in the aforementioned universities, the cut-off mark for this course was 12,122 at the University of Barcelona, ​​12,743 at the Autonomous University of Madrid, 12,458 at the Complutense University, 12.47 at the University of Alicante and 12,918 at the University of Granada. In addition, last year the demand to study this career increased, with 30% more applications for enrollment.

On the other hand, there is the profession of nursing assistant, for which it is necessary to study a training cycle of Intermediate Level of FP. This professional is responsible for supporting doctors and nurses and assisting the patient in her care.

two. Nurse as a regulated profession

In Spain, the nursing profession is regulated, that is, it is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing to be able to practice as such. Also, those who want to work in the public sector must overcome an opposition, a selective process to get a place in one of the national health systems. In this case, in addition to the exam, other merits are valued, such as academic training or professional experience.

Another way is to work on the system of private health, for which opposition is not required, but it is mandatory to be registered -just like if you work in the public sector-. Thus, nurses must be registered in an official association of one of the Spanish autonomous communities.

3. Official Master’s degree in Nursing or private degree?

If what you are looking for is a official master’s degree in nursing that marks you as postgraduate training in an opposition or allows you to access a doctorate, many of them are taught both in public universities and in private universities. Some of the official master’s degrees in nursing that you can find in Mastermania are:

· University Master’s Degree in Emergency Nursing from the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir
· Master’s Degree in Intensive Nursing Care from the UCV
· Master’s Degree in Advanced Practice Nursing in Research, Management and Leadership from HYGIEA
· Master’s Degree in Women’s Health from HYGIEA
· Master’s Degree in Advanced Practice Nursing in Urgencies and Emergencies of HYGIEA
· Master’s Degree in Advanced Practice Nursing in Chronic Patient Care from HYGIEA
· Master’s Degree in Emergencies and Health Emergencies from the International University of Catalonia
· Master’s Degree in Gerontology and Promotion of Personal Autonomy from the Faculty of Social Education and Social Work Pere Tarré
Official Master’s Degree in Health Care Research from the Complutense University
· University Master’s Degree in Palliative Care from Comillas Pontifical University
· Master’s Degree in Critical Care from the Rey Juan Carlos University
· Master’s Degree in Pediatric Palliative Care from the UNIR
· Master’s Degree in Direction and Management of Nursing Units of the UNIR

On the other hand, there is a wide variety of own master’s degrees (private degrees) specialized in the different areas of nursing, such as operating room, geriatrics, neonatology, dialysis, cardiology, care, urgencies and emergencies, mental health, pediatrics or oncology.

In turn, when choosing a master’s degree, you must decide whether to study it online, at a distance or in person. The masters in nursing online They will allow you to combine studies with work or other activities and put what you learn into practice. Face-to-face master’s degrees require more travel as you have to attend class.

Four. What type of master’s degree in nursing to study?

Nurses and nurses perform their work in very diverse areas within health. Therefore, each person may be more interested in one branch than another. For example, there will be those seeking a master’s degree in geriatrics for the care of the elderly, or those who are more interested in newborns and their care, or the part of urgencies and emergencies.

For all these profiles that are looking for a master’s degree in nursing, we compile some of the postgraduate courses that you can Ask for more information in Mastermania through the following links:

Neonatology and pediatrics
Master’s in Pediatric Nursing from the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health
Master’s degree in Neonatal Nursing from the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health
· Master in Pediatrics and Neonatology for Nursing from INESEM
· Master in Neonatology from Euroinnova Business School

Master’s Degree in Nursing in Cardiology from the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health
· Master in Cardiology for Nursing of Clinical School and Health Sciences
· Postgraduate in Disease Techniques in Cardiology from the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health

Urgencies and emergencies
Master’s Degree in Emergencies and Emergencies for Nursing at Salus Infirmorum – UPSA Madrid Campus
· Master’s in Nursing Expert in Emergencies from the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health
Master’s Degree in Special Nursing Care in Emergencies, Emergencies, Critical Patient Areas and Post-anesthesia from Euroinnova Training
Master’s Degree in Emergencies and Emergencies in Nursing from INESEM

operating room
Expert Master’s Degree in Nursing in the Operating Room of the Clinical and Health Sciences School
· Master in Nursing in the INESEM Operating Room
· Master’s Degree in Specialization in Surgery and Resuscitation from Euroinnova

Master’s Degree in Comprehensive and Person-Centered Care in the Fields of Aging and Disability at the University of Vic
Master’s Degree in Home Help Assistant and Geriatrics from the Higher School of Health
· Master in Geriatrics and Dependency of INESEM

Mental health
Master’s Degree in Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health from Euroinnova Training
· Master’s Degree in Psychiatry Assistant + Master’s Degree in Emergencies in Psychiatry from the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health
· Master in Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health from INESEM

Own Master’s Degree in Hemodialysis for Nursing from the Complutense University
· Master in Nursing in Nephrology and Hemodialysis from INESEM
Master’s Degree in Nursing at the Euroinnova Dialysis and Nephrology Unit

· Master in General Oncology – Expert in Caring for Cancer Patients of the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Health
· Master of Specialized Nursing Care in Cancer Patients from Educa Business School
· Specialist in Palliative Care in Cancer Patients at INESEM

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