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What Spanish hosting is there to host a website

Also, if they have the servers in Spain we can also get an improvement in terms of performance. This will also translate into better search engine rankings. After all, it is normal for a Spanish page to have visitors from Spain, more than from other countries in the world. Those visitors will have an easier time reaching those servers and will need less time, which means faster loading.

Therefore, the hosting we choose will be decisive in order to offer our page to visitors. It will be essential for it to position itself in search engines, having the right hosting to upload images or videos without running out or getting that site to load quickly, something that is undoubtedly important for anyone who enters a web page. And yes, choosing a hosting that is in Spain will help make all this possible.

Spanish web hosting

We are going to show a list with some options that we can find for hire a Spanish web hosting. We will see the main characteristics of each one of them and thus help you to hire the one that best suits what you are really looking for. You may need more space, transfer capacity, backup copies… All this, always linked to the price of each service.


Dinahosting is a company that was born in 2001 in Galicia, its data centers are located in Madrid to have the best connectivity with the main Internet providers. Currently this company has almost 200,000 users spread all over the world. Dinahosting’s hallmark is its technical support, and it is that they not only have support by email, but also by chat and even phone calls 24/7 without any type of answering machine.

This company was one of the first to incorporate NVMe SSD drives into both its hosting and server plans. Thanks to this decision, the performance of its servers is very high for any type of task, and it is also very reliable. In the year 2021, the auditing company Netcraft designated in its ranking that Dinahosting is the most reliable hosting company in the world.

This company dinahosting It has hosting plans adapted to all types of projects, from hosting for corporate mail to more advanced plans for professional development. Any of the plans you hire incorporate very fast NVMe SSD drives, pre-installed SSL certificates, free backup copies of the last 30 days, a minimum of 50GB of space and unlimited transfer.

Finally, Dinahosting knows the importance of being able to install WordPress or PrestaShop easily and quickly, which is why they allow automatic installation. In addition, Dinahosting has been developing its own version of WordPress, optimizing its performance, this is ideal for saving a lot of time starting blogs, we will also have extra configurations that we can easily apply.


The second option we have is Webempresa. It is a Spanish company, which offers support in Spanish 24 hours. She has a long experience with more than 25 years. They have optimized servers, specially designed for WordPress and Joomla, which are two of the most popular content managers.

As for plans, we can find several that can be adapted to all types of users. In the image below you can see the Mini, Medium and Maxi plans that are currently available on their website. There are notable differences in terms of price, but also in the main features that each of them will offer.

Hosting Webcompany

There are also differences in terms of storage capacity, power or guaranteed RAM. However, there are a few essentials that are equally available across all three plans: free SSL certificates, image optimizer, cyberattack protection, and pre-installed WordPress. We can say that they are basic aspects that should not be missing in a good hosting to achieve a great performance of our website.


Another very interesting Spanish hosting company is Axarnet. It is based in Malaga and has different types of plans to host a website or manage professional mail. They also have specialized hosting for WordPress, with different levels to adapt to any need.


As we see in the image, all options have technical support 24 hours a day in Spanish. They also have a free domain. There are differences in terms of space on SSD drives, email accounts or different tools to optimize the page at a visual and SEO level.

One of the advantages of Axarnet is that it is very easy to use for WordPress. It comes pre-installed and you just have to follow a series of intuitive steps so that less experts can have their website fully operational. It also includes migration, in case you already have the website hosted on another hosting, as well as protection against security attacks.

Raiola Networks

This Galician company is another option that we can use to host our website. It is also indicated for users looking for a hosting for wordpress. They have good quality service and technical support. It offers a great response time to solve problems quickly.

Raiola Networks

If we enter your website we will see multiple hosting plan options to contract. There are differences in some essential aspects such as storage. For example, in the initial plan we will have 10 GB of space, while the following plans go to 15, 25 and 50 GB.

We will also find differences in terms of available RAM memory and processor capacity. Choosing between these options will depend on what we need. Depending on the type of website we have and the resources we need to make it work in the best possible way.


We also want to mention Hostinet, another Spanish hosting company. He has more than 15 years of experience and has a good support back-up to solve any problem that the client may have. It has different plans, like the previous cases we have seen.


As we can see, there are important differences between the different plants. One of them is that not everyone uses SSD hard drives, in addition to the available space and maximum data transfer. There are also differences in terms of RAM, CPU, maximum email accounts or databases.

Something that is included for free in any of the plans is the SSL certificate and being able to migrate the website to Hostinet. The latter can be interesting if you want to avoid difficulties when moving your website from one hosting to another. Especially if you are inexperienced and want to avoid possible complications, this feature is very useful.


SiteGround is another of the Spanish hosting options that we can find on the Internet. It offers a fully managed service, focused on security and with different plans that adapt to all types of clients. It has the possibility of creating websites in a simple way, migration from one hosting to another and also special services for WordPress.


In the specifications of each plan we can see information to get an idea of ​​what we need. The most basic indicates that it is for websites that have up to 10,000 monthly visits, the second for 100,000 visits and the third for 400,000. There are also differences in terms of available space or the ability or not to create backups automatically. It is possible that what is enough today may fall short in a few months or years and you will have to upgrade to a higher plan. You will be able to do it without problems.


In this list we also wanted to include Hostalia. With Spanish support and a wide range of options, is one more alternative that we can take into account. It has different plans that adapt to all kinds of websites that we can create. Also, include at least one free web domain.


A key difference is the SSD space that each plan offers. We see that the first one has 100 GB, while the others have unlimited storage. So is the RAM memory or the FTP users it supports. However, all plans include services such as automatic backup every day or unlimited web traffic in all of them.

Regarding web domains, all of them include at least one free domain. However, if you are going to use several (for example if you want one .es and another .com), there are plans that offer two and even three free domains that come with the hosting. You can do accounts and see if it compensates you.

In short, these are some interesting options for Spanish hosting. You can choose one of them to host your website and thus take advantage of the technical service in Spanish, have the site hosted in Spain and optimize for SEO. In this way you can offer a website in perfect conditions to visitors, with fast loading and good search engine positioning. You can also get technical support in Spanish and have more facilities to solve certain complications that arise.

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