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What is hosting and how does it work?

The hosting It is a hosting service for web pages that is under a server and allows you to publish a site on the Internet.

Service hosting Its main function is to host the database of a web page so that anyone can visit it. In addition, it offers the possibility of managing an email with the company’s domain.

How do hosting servers work?

When understanding what a hosting service is, it is important to know how website hosting works.

In order for a site to receive visits, it must be stored through a web server, also called “virtual hosting”. It is a high-performance device with a power greater than that of a personal computer that remains connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, in order to guarantee that the stored contents can be consulted at any time and place.

With the hosting for companies Exactly the same thing happens as mentioned above. They are usually services with exclusive features for businesses that store a large amount of information tailored to their needs.


When the registration of a web hosting service or hosting for companies is carried out, a small space is “rented” on the server where the entire web page will be saved.

A monthly fee must be paid to the hosting provider to reserve and guarantee the space in which the page is hosted on the web server. This is responsible for keeping it always active and protected in the event of any type of cyber attack.

If you need to create a website, the first thing to do is find a hosting company that provides server space and professional and personalized customer service. The provider will help upload all the files that make up the site through a platform.

What are the existing types of hosting?

The vast majority of providers offer different types of web storage according to the needs of each client. It is best to start small and hire the hosting depending on what is needed for the website.

There are five different ways to store the page on the server:

shared hosting

It is the most used web hosting. In this case, the same physical server contains the pages and accounts of a certain number of users. All of its users share the resources of the server, such as the CPU processor or RAM memory. In shared hosting, a certain behavior of a site can end up affecting the performance of the rest.


VPS Hosting

The acronym VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server” or “Virtual Private Server”. With this type of hosting, the sites that are hosted have the possibility of sharing the same server. However, unlike shared hosting, they do not share server resources.

elastic hosting

It is a type of hosting that has the benefits of shared hosting and VPS hosting. With this service, the server can be shared with more users, although with some specific resources, as is the case with the VPS server.


It is a type of hosting that saves the information of the web page on several servers. Work together and connected to the same network, that’s why it is called “Cloud”. It is usually more required by sites that receive very high peaks of visitors at different times. In addition, this service allows several resources to be available while variations in page visits occur.

Dedicated server

This type of web hosting offers a dedicated server for each of its clients, and also a physical computer for each user account. In this case, the server is not shared with any other website that is foreign to the user. All resources are completely dedicated to a single account.

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