What can I study after Journalism?

Digital marketing, social networks, corporate or digital communication are some of the areas in which you can specialize.

The Journalism career continues to be one of the most demanded each year by Spanish university students, despite the fact that the Degree has hardly been updated in the last decade. The rise of digital media and new audiences on different platforms has made it necessary to know how to manage in these environments, although the study plans hardly reflect these trends, only in one or two electives in the last courses.

What to do once you have finished Journalism? One of the most common ways out is to look for internships in the press, radio or television, and even in communication departments. It is there where you will truly learn the profession and discover if it is for you, since sometimes professionals who have been dedicated to pure and hard journalism for a long time suffer a ‘burn out‘ which makes them refocus their professional career.

Whether you are at this point or if you have finished your degree and do not know what to do or what to specialize in, in this report we compile a series of areas in which you can focus studying a master’s degree:

1. digital communication

Traditional media is not the only field that journalists can pursue. Now companies of all kinds are betting on improving their content and digital and corporate communication. The best way to learn to use the tools and new methods of communication is through a master’s degree or a specialized course.

Some master’s degrees in digital communication that you will find in Mastermania and about which you can request information are the following:

· Master in Digital Communication from IM Digital Business School
Own Master’s Degree in Post-Digital Global Communication Strategies from the Complutense University
· Master in Multiplatform Digital Journalism Loyola – CNN Academy of Loyola University
· Master’s Degree in Digital Journalism and New Professional Profiles from the Rey Juan Carlos University
· Master in Digital Journalism and Online Advertising from Inenka Business School

two. Social media

Managing social networks is already essential for anyone who is dedicated to communication, since they have become a new way of reaching the public. If you already have experience managing content on social networks or designing online media strategy and want to delve deeper into the subject, some of the master’s degrees in social media from which you can request more information are these:

· Professional Master in Content Management and Social Media Strategy from IM Digital Business School
· Master in Community Management: Company 4.0 and Social Networks from IEBS
· Master’s degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing from the Seville Chamber of Commerce Campus Business School
Postgraduate in Social Media and Advertising from ISEB Instituto Superior Europeo de Barcelona
· Master in Community Management and Digital Strategies from INESEM Business School
· Inenka Community Manager and Social Media Strategy Master

3. Digital marketing

In the field of communication, digital marketing and social networks are united. Knowing what strategies to use depending on the medium, evaluating the results and analyzing the campaigns carried out are some of the keys in this sector.

· Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media from INSA- Business, Marketing, & Communication School
· Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media from CEF Center for Financial Studies
Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing and Social Media from ENEB
· Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy from European Quality Business School
· Master’s Degree in Social Media Marketing from the University of Lleida

Four. Corporate communication

If what you are looking for is a training that allows you to access positions of greater responsibility and related to the reputation of the brand or corporate communication, several master’s degrees are focused on managers and heads of different departments.

· Master in Dircom Digital from IM Digital Business School
· Master in Corporate & Digital Communication from EAE Business School
· Master in Corporate and Digital Communication Management from Loyola University
Own Master’s Degree in Corporate and Advertising Communication from the Complutense University
· Master in Corporate Communication from ISEB

If you want you can also check what they are The best master’s degrees in Spain in Communication according to the ranking of The world (2021/2022 edition).

5. Other options

If you don’t want to study for a master’s degree but to turn your career around, you have the option of competing with your university degree, either a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. Another option is to dedicate yourself to teaching with the master’s degree in teacher training (for example, for History, Geography or Economics, among other subjects) or as a professor at the university.

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