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Web plans with ERA Hosting Almería servers

Any website or personal blog needs a storage space that has enough power for the user to visit and interact with all the digital elements in a comfortable and agile way.

This space is known as hostingwhich in addition to serving as a container for websites, is also determinant in the natural positioning of the page in the main internet search engines.

In that sense, having a good hosting it is fundamental when it comes to guaranteeing the speed necessary for any web page to work correctly and as expected. For this reason, the Almería hosting company, ERA Hosting, offers organizations and individuals, hosting plans compatible with the main web publishers such as Wordpress or Prestashop and with whom he hopes to take the internet to the next level.

What are the ERA Hosting plans?

ERA Hosting offers 3 different plans that adjust to the searches and expectations of each of its clients. The first of these, known as Initial Plan, offers the possibility of hosting 5 different web domains and more than 10 GB of storage on servers. The second, known as Standard Planr, in addition to the 5 domains, it includes 50 GB of space. And the third, called Premium Planincludes 10 different domains, 100 GB of storage and a Premium Comodo SSL certificate. All plans include unlimited email accounts, full phone support, email, tickets or chat services, IP geolocated in Spain and multiple security measuresamong other features.

Friendly and close relationship with customers

In addition to storage services for web pages, this company also offers its clients domain registration, cloud server plans and maintenance and installation of computer equipment. The group of professionals that form part of this organization is available to advise clients on everything related to the company’s computer procedures and web complements, with the aim of offering a product that specifically meets their needs. ERA Hosting is also concerned with building and maintaining a friendly relationship with its clients, with which innovation and learning strategies can be created together that guarantee the success of each of the contracted services.

This hosting company located in Almería hopes that more and more organizations will hire web hosting that allows users, workers and managers to navigate their own website in a reliable and agile way.

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