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Dafter relaunch NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Y SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash, SNK remains keen to make the Nintendo Switch the official spiritual successor to the Neo Geo Pocket/Color handheld. The recent adaptation is Unitron Biomotoranother title that in full fever season Pokemon tried to approach collecting, training and combat, but with robots.

Along the same lines as done by robopon Y medabots.

Developed by Yumekobo and distributed by SNK at the time, Unitron Biomotor was originally released in mid-1999 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. This RPG includes dungeon crawler mechanics with somewhat random dungeons. Players control pilotable robots called ‘Unitron’ (we will omit the tilde that would go in Spanish, leaving the original name). These can be modified with various parts, improved with tools and materials.

Unitron Biomotor
The central city, four outer dungeons and one end.

In the world of Tridiss, those who control Unitron are unequivocally called ‘Unitron Masters’, whose machines are powered by the energy of a meteor that fell on the planet long ago. In the city of Rhafiace, the Unitron Masters gather to fight in the battle arena for the title of “Master of Masters”. All very classic from the late nineties.

Interestingly, the interface on the hub of the game by menus remember to Monster Rancher from Tecmo, so it’s familiar to the collector genre. Outside the Rhafiace we initially find four dungeons where the point of view is from above. Each has seven floors and an elemental affinity to counter. In these dungeons we can collect resources to develop parts of Unitron. Some of these can also be purchased at the store.

Unitron Biomotor
The Unitrons as battle chimeras.

Among the parts to be assembled in the Unitron we find cores, legs and arms, whose changes are directly reflected in the turn-based battles. As part of their arsenal, the Unitrons are capable of manipulating guns, magic, and energy bolts, among others. They are integral fighting machines. Inevitably, gathering tools and materials, defeating enemies, and opening chests lead to plain old monotony.

The hinted randomness of the dungeons – they are multiple pre-programmed – is hard to tell when these are extremely simple pseudo-labyrinths. With some scattered chests to divert the way. The good thing is that each dungeon specializes in an elemental type that players can combat by assembling parts with perks. Like fire fists in the forest with wood affinity monsters.

Like a good classic RPG, these random encounters get tiresome after a while and there are no modern buffs to help. Code Mystics uses the exact same emulation system, with a few Neo Geo Pocket Color skins to choose from as frames and odd lack of designs.

Unitron Biomotor
A costumbrista landscape (not of costumbrismo).

As is tradition, the scanned manual is also included and is vital for knowing the word abbreviations you use Unitron Biomotor, due to the size of the screen. The rewind option is still present and nothing to correct it. Unlike the same feature in Nintendo Switch Online for NES/SNES, rewind does not go back very long in Neo Geo Pocket games for Switch.

For this type of RPG, it is best to have an option to speed up the speed of the game. Just as other relaunches of classic titles have done. This would help relax the ‘grinding’ that players of the past millennium naturally had to endure. The positive point is that the efforts pay off when it comes to reassembling the Unitron.

It is not strange to see our Unitron fighter with some really interesting mixes. Taking into account that the enemy creatures are some kind of mythological monsters or other oddities, their inclusion is complemented by the chimera concept proposed by the Unitron. Blade, saw or skeleton arms; reptile legs, tank wheels… assembling resources is the most entertaining part of Unitron Biomotor.

Unitron Biomotor

To equip and develop parts we do it in the city, the same to save game, talk to people who help improve Unitron statistics, buy and sell items, as well as fight in the arena for money, prizes and better rank. Apart from the energy or health of each Unitron, the EP meter to execute attacks acts as “magic points” in any other RPG, regenerating with each battle.

At the end of the day it is an RPG with simple mechanics that, like the first Saga of the Game Boy, can be difficult to contemplate these days in its basic state. We have no doubt that a revamped installment would do him a considerable benefit, something that SNK should take into account. Some quality of life options in the emulator would have helped this relaunch, but we guess we can’t wait any longer in that section.

Unitron Biomotor it is a touch of nostalgia that entertains like a small laboratory of combat machines, although without greater depth that gives variety.

Unitron Biomotor

In summary

It may not seem like it, but the relaunch of Unitron Biomotor it is extremely important for the environment, despite unaddressed quality of life issues. SNK’s handheld consoles have an exclusive catalog that went with them, one that has so far been revived thanks to Switch and PC. This game helps preserve the product of a time when collectible creatures inspired dozens of clones, some more ingenious than others but all with something special to offer. Unitron Biomotor he knows what he has, but not how to express it without giving himself away as a relic of the past.

Review made with a digital copy of Biomotor Unitron for Nintendo Switch provided by SNK.

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