Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022

Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022
Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022

Introduction Of Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022

Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022. There are businesses out there that make a lot of money using one of these two ideas I would not start this year and I never did a dropshipping project with a large enough client not long ago time consisted in creating Unicom it is quite complex to sell merchandising of that brand in this specific case.

The Business Do Not Have All The Control

It was an international sports federation I did not like the experience at all for several reasons and the main one is that you as the owner of the business do not have all the control because What is dropshipping? Good dropshipping is that you put a and commerce where you sell -because t-shirts or sweatshirts, hats or towels and you put your designs on them.

The advantage of having the products in a warehouse is that in this case, the products do not pass through your hand Hence, dropshipping is what you do is in tui commerce you integrate it with a service that provides you with the production of the products once they have been purchased and then the shipment to the end customer The theory is that it is a very attractive business model and here on youtube.

Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022
Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022

A lot of people have made a lot of money promoting courses like they have done drop shipping and then I don’t know if they re At least they have said it well or badly but of course, the courses seem to work very well and what happens then that on the one hand, you do not have control of the products this company for example if you use to shop and fail because.

A Business You Sell Your Products In E-Commerce

You can integrate it with a service like print full well print full once it receives the customer’s order it will produce that product with your designs, a t-shirt for example and send it to the end customer but you don’t see the product, it doesn’t pass through your hand and the disadvantage is precisely that that you as a company have no control over the product.

That the customer receives, it is more when requests for returns or complaints come, you with the company are the one who has to respond and not print full in fact that appears in their contracting conditions print full disregards when there are returns or complaints and that is where the headaches begin because as a business you sell your products in e-commerce and prince sends them to another service.

That you choose to do dropshipping but from then on you have lost control after a year or so managing this business I can tell you that you do not hear anything from your end customer unless it is a problem or in other words all the communications that you are going to have from your clients they are going to be problematic because they are people.

Start A Drop Shipping Business This Year

Who has not received the order or who have problems in customs voucher in customs they ask them for an amount of money that was not what they expected or they simply want to return the product or have a complaint about the quality of the product and all that will reach you and all those communications with the client are very difficult to manage because, to begin with, you have not seen the product?

That reaches the client so it is very difficult to defend your position as a company that is why it does not cross my mind to start a drop shipping business this year or this year or any other future year is a business model that I do not like And nothing said which you can disagree with me and you can make it work but know that it is not all as beautiful as. You Can Also Read DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment.

They paint it out there the second digital business idea that would not start this year is sales of physical products, okay and this is related To the previous business model, for me, everything that is sending products through the mail is already a problem a few years ago I started a business to sell wooden sunglasses, in theory, everything was very good we made.

That Comes To Your House Or Four Businesses

The designs we contacted a supplier Chinese who sent us the glasses to Spain- and we paid the customs fees then stored in your living room boxes and boxes of wooden sunglasses and that had to be output then you assemble yourself and commerce you create your digital communication strategy they begin to come orders and you have to do with each one of them the shipment.

If you want to save a little money because you go to the post office packaging you are t ú the product and send it out in the post office if you want to make it easier because you hire a courier service that comes to your house or four businesses to the address you give them and from there they are already in charge of sending this service of courier previously because.

He has given you some bags and with them, you prepare the product with the shipping address of the person so that when the courier comes, everything is ready and you give him the products that he has to send that day, this is something quite common today Nowadays it is worth e-commerce where you sell physical products but I would not start it again because.

With These Two Business Models You Cannot Create A Viable Real Business

I enjoyed this experience quite a little, the first difficult thing is to find a supplier you can trust in China once you have found it, so send it the money to send you a remittance once it reaches customs because it pays the necessary amount of taxes, fill out the form and it can arrive at your office at your home all Or that the truth is that it is a process that.

I am not passionate about and then when you have a customer purchase, well, hey, pack everything with the shipping address, call the courier, receive emails from customers who complain about the customs fees they have had to pay or because the product has arrived defective due to a blow from the courier then I take that time and effort required to manage shipments from the supplier to you and then the shipment of the product from you, that is, from the company to the end customer.

The truth is I prefer to invest them in other types of digital business and beware I am not saying that with these two business models you cannot create a viable real business with profits, what I am saying is that I would not start them from the experience I have had with them nowadays I prefer to focus one hundred percent digital and for this.

I invite you to see all the digital business models that you can create on the internet. From there, you already choose the one that best suits your needs, your concerns, your interests, and you tell me to have you had any experience with dropshipping or the only traditional month where you send physical products.