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Thinking of buying a desktop computer? The boxes are where you should start. These are the most essential part of any computer, so you should carefully analyze the features and specifications you are looking for before buying it. Only then can you get the most out of it.

If you’re still not sure how to make the best purchase, don’t worry! In this top of the best boxes you will find all the information you need. Choose the box that best suits your needs and start enjoying.

With this top you will find the answers to the most important questions related to computer cases:

Benefits of desktop computers

Price range

Components that are included in the boxes.

Types of boxes that can be found

Top of the best computer cases.

What benefits do desktop computers have?

Desktop computers are heavier than laptops and require wired installation. However, they have many more advantages:

more power: A desktop computer is designed to have more power and performance, since laptops will always have a series of limitations related to the weight, size or connectivity of the components.

lower price: Compared to a laptop, a desktop PC will be a better value for money. If we compare a computer of both formats with the same specifications, the desktop will have a guaranteed lower price.

better temperature control: The appeal of laptops is that they are compact and easy to transport. However, this design can cause problems related to temperature control. The layout of desktop computers means that heat is dissipated more efficiently, and that critical temperatures that can lead to problems are not reached.

Greater customization: Personalization, although it may be a superficial aspect, is something that should be considered when making this type of purchase. On a desktop PC, you will be able to choose the peripherals that you like best, of the measurements that you need, and with the accessories that best fit your space. Also, for people with slightly more advanced knowledge, it will be very easy to choose particular components to achieve specific purposes. This level of customization cannot be achieved on laptops.

best part replacement: Another advantage of desktop computers is that the change and replacement of components is very easy and can be done quickly even if you do not have much experience.

Longer shelf life: In general, the useful life of a desktop PC is greater than that of a laptop. A laptop can suffer from temperature or battery related issues very easily. Also, since they are not modular, if there is a problem with a component it will be more difficult to fix than on a desktop computer.

What is the price of a computer case?

The price range of a box is very wide, since components with different power levels can be found on the market. Depending on the use that is going to be given to the computer, some components or others must be chosen, and therefore, the price will vary.

The price range can go from €350 to €3,000. A box for office use can be purchased from €350 and up, while a gaming or dedicated box with powerful programs will start around €800 and up.

What components does a computer case have?

The essential components of a box are as follows:

-Base plate.
-Processor or CPU.
-Graphics card or GPU (can be integrated).
-Storage (SSD, HDD).
-Power supply.
-Refrigeration system.

What types of boxes can we find?

All PCs will not serve all uses. There are specific components like the graphics card that add considerably to the price of a box, and are often included as a separate component if specific programs are to be used. For this reason, two main types of boxes can be distinguished: office boxes and gaming boxes or specific programs.

office boxes: they are cheaper, and they will have components that do not require as much power. These will be given exclusive office use, that is, office automation programs, sending emails, carrying out simple procedures, surfing the Internet…

gaming boxes: they are more expensive, and have specific components that increase performance and power (larger processor, RAM, or graphics card). These will be used for gaming, but also for programs related to design, video editing or other types of specific software that require a lot of power. It is necessary to understand that computers called “gaming” are not only for playing, but also for using these specific programs that require high performance.

Top best computer cases

1. Nitro Advanced Gaming PC (Intel i7 11700K 8/16 5.0GHz, RX 6600XT 8GB graphics, 32GB RAM, M.2 512GB + 2TB HDD, Wifi, W10 Pro +act Windows 11)

This Nitro box will be an advanced, high-end computer, with which you can do practically everything you set out to do. It is a model designed for gaming, with high power and performance thanks to its eleventh generation i7 processor, 32 gigabytes of RAM and RX 6600XT graphics card. In addition, it is a model with large storage, combining 512 gigabytes of fast SSD storage and 2 terabytes of HDD.

Here are some of the comments from other buyers:

-It stands out for its speed of startup, fluidity and performance, even those with programs with high technical requirements.
-The box comes ready to use.
-No operating system installation required (Windows is pre-installed).
-Includes Wi-Fi network card.

2. Cheap Office/Home Box: Intel i3 (8GB RAM, 500GB Nvme SSD, UHD 630)

If you are looking for a low budget computer case that allows you to do daily or office functions, this is a great option for you. It has a tenth generation i3 processor, which will ensure you have enough power for these tasks. Instead of HDD storage, it has 500 gigabytes of fast SSD storage, which will increase the fluidity of the computer.

The opinions of the box are very positive:

-Windows 11 system installed.
-Includes Wi-Fi network card.
-Lightweight and low-noise model, with space to add components.

3. Mid-range office/home case: Silver Office PC (AMD R5 3400G 4/8 4.2GHz, RX Vega 8 Graphics, 16GB RAM, 256GB M.2 + 2TB HDD, Windows10 Pro)

This box for office or home is a great option for a mid-range box, which will be able to support daily tasks as well as some programs that require more performance. This has a Ryzen 5 3400G processor, an RX Vega 8 graphics card and 16 gigabytes of RAM, more than enough to have fluidity and satisfactory performance with higher level programs.

Some aspects that their buyers highlight are:

-Compact size, does not take up much space.
-Large storage space both SSD and HDD.
-The system boots very quickly.
-Great value for money computer.
-Windows 10 Pro system is pre-installed.

4. Mid-High End Office/Home Case: MAK Office S Plus – Desktop PC i7 11700 8 Core 4.90GHz Turbo, 256GB SSD + 1000GB HDD, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Windows 11 Pro

Among the most expensive office computers or to perform tasks that do not require a dedicated graphics card, this is the best option. If your main requirement is to seek fluidity in your computer, the 11th generation i7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM will be able to provide it without problems. In addition, you will have a 1000 gigabyte HDD and a 250 SSD.

The strengths highlighted by other buyers are:

-Particularly fast startup.
-Unbeatable fluidity.
-Aesthetic design, with LED lights.
-Windows 11 Pro system pre-installed.

5. Cheap gaming box: Gaming Bronze Pack | Gaming PC (Intel Core i3 10100 4/8 4.3GHz, GT1030 2GB, RAM 16GB, M.2 256GB + HDD 1TB, W10Pro +act Windows11

If instead of a computer to perform office tasks, you are looking for a gaming computer, or one that can run specific programs such as editing programs, this will be a better recommendation. This computer is a low-cost option for this sector, which has a 10th generation i3 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 graphics, and 16 gigs of RAM, in addition to 1 terabyte of HDD storage and 256 gigs of fast SSD storage.

Other buyers give good opinions about this box:

-Equipment with great value for money.
-Includes peripherals.
-Flexible, allows you to perform tasks and use more demanding programs.
-Windows 10 system pre-installed.

6. Mid-Range Gaming Case: MAK ADVANCED PLUS – RYZEN 5 3600 Gaming Computer, Gtx 1650 4 Gb, SSD Nvme 250Gb, HDD 1TB, RAM 16GB 3200MHZ, PC GAMER, WINDOWS 11 PRO

Going up in price in the range of gaming computers is this box, which balances the power of the 6-core Ryzen 5 3600 processor and the 4-gigabyte GTX 1650 graphics card. This, added to its 16 gigabytes of RAM, will provide you with a smooth experience from start to finish.

Some highlights of this box are:

– Silent computer.
-Great power to play games, even those with high technical requirements.
-Windows 11 system pre-installed.
-Easy installation, comes ready to use.

7. Mid-high-end gaming case: Megaport Gaming PC Jet II AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6X 4.20GHz Turbo, Windows 11, Nvidia GeForce RTX3050 8GB, 16GB 3200 MHz DDR4, 1TB M.2 SSD, WiFi

In the mid-high range of gaming computers, this box is the best option. With an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor with 6 cores, 16 gigs of RAM, and the Nvidia GeForce RTX3050 8GB graphics card, there will be no program that can resist you. This box removes HDD storage and replaces it with a terabyte of fast SSD storage. Whether to play games with very high specifications or to use specific programs that require graphics, you will have no problem using this box.

Their buyers highlight the following aspects:

-Computer light and low noise.
-Very aesthetic system, illuminated with LED lights and an RGB box.
-High fluidity and performance.
-Fast file upload and transfer.
-Windows 11 system pre-installed.

Created by: Ana María Moral Villar.

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