Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet

Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet

Introduction Of Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet

Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet. If you want to start an online business and you do not know very well where to go, 6 profitable business ideas to start online this year, and also with little money, with little investment. I have been creating online businesses since 2005, that is, practically when social networks were born.

The First Online Business Idea

When Facebook was a baby in diapers and YouTube practically did not exist. And throughout all these years I have found myself in all kinds of situations, pleasant and unpleasant. I also advise and advise a good number of companies with their online strategies. And these six Internet business ideas I share with you because I think they are feasible for everyone.

Yes, they all have work of course everything in this life takes work and effort but they are feasible for a person, for an individual, also with little investment, with little money. Some of the ideas can also be scaled and can be businesses not only of one person but of several. And these are six ideas from many others that I can think of but.

Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet

These six ideas are closely related to digital marketing trends and business trends for this year. So the first online business idea that I can recommend is to create private communities outside of social networks. And I emphasize that outside of social networks. This is not about creating a private Facebook group, no, no, we go a few steps further.

You To Create A Private Community

This is creating a community of people around an interest outside of social networks: it can be gardening, it can be cooking, it can be digital marketing, web design, keeping fit, discussing Netflix series, that is, the limit is your imagination. . And creating these communities is technologically very very simple because services are being born that precisely provide.

This functionality: companies like Tribe, that is, tribe, not Tribe Olaf, simply tribe, tribe. so or circle. so, that is, circle point so, They are online services that allow you to create a private community and you charge that private community a monthly fee for having access to your community. I see this as a trend and a necessity because many people are already fed up with social networks. You Can Also Read HOW TO DO SEO in 2022 POSITION a WEBSITE on GOOGLE.

Because of all the security and privacy problems they have, so I see an opportunity to create private communities around hobbies, activities, very specific professions and managed by a person of course who is an expert on that subject. If I am going to create a community of pastry chefs or people passionate about pastry, then I must be a good pastry chef to start with and have good knowledge of the subject.

The Second Profitable Business Idea Online

And I recommend these services, Tribe or Circle, over a WordPress because for many things among them because you don’t have to worry about technology: you simply pay Tribe or Circle a monthly subscription and you don’t have to take care of plugins, or updates, or servers, no, no, you only focus on making your business work.

The second profitable business idea online is to create courses. And this is nothing new, but the learning needs grow every year. More and more people are accessing online courses and training outside of what are traditional learning channels: universities, business schools, etc. So if you are an expert in a subject, then you can create a course and sell that course also on specific platforms for the sale of courses.

Yes, again, you can go to a WordPress if you want to fight with plugins, with code, and with domains, well hey, welcome, but solutions like Teachable, Thinkific, Podía, they make it very very simple, you don’t have to worry technology simply create an account, pay to that service monthly and then you can already sell your courses there. Yes, creating a course is a lot of work beforehand.

The Third Profitable Online Business

You have to record the videos, you have to edit the videos, it is a lot of work. If you want to start with something simpler then you can simply sell webinars, that is, you do a live show of an hour, an hour and a half, and people to see you have to pay a small amount. This is a very simple solution to start with basically zero investment.

Because you still leave, you create an account and you can directly monetize webinars. All you need is an audience, which is not a minor detail, but that is a topic for another video, that is, how to get your audience. The third profitable online business is hourly consulting. And you can have this business running in a matter of a few hours because you do not need more than.

A very simple website, for example, a website created in Google Sites or in Webflow where you describe what services you provide, what type of consulting you provide, and what are your rates, and then you just redirect people to a call on Zoom. So these consultancies can be of anything, from what clothes.

Another Online Business Idea Is To Be A Specialist

I wear, that is, an image consultant, to logo creation, to consultancy on web technology, to consultancy on how to stay in shape, to consultancy on cooking, that is, If you are an expert in a subject, then you can probably start consulting for hours. If you already have another activity in parallel, this is a good way to complement that other activity or at least a way to test.

Whether hourly consultancies work for you or not, and if they work for you, then maybe you can leave little by little that other activity and focus on consulting by the hour. Another online business idea is to be a specialist in managing ads on social networks. There are more and more companies online and these companies need notoriety.

Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet

They need to reach their audiences. And the vast majority of online businesses, the owners of those online businesses, do not have much idea of ​​how to make ads on social networks, or maybe they have tried it once and say that it does not work, well it does not work because you do not do it well. . So if you are a specialist in creating and managing ads on social networks.

The Business Model Can Be A Percentage

This is a service that you can offer to many companies because all of us today need to obtain traffic to our website, to our app, to messenger, that is, we need that people, that our audience, know our business. And if you are a specialist in social media ads, for example, you can even specialize in one platform: on Facebook, on YouTube, on Pinterest, then you can offer that service to many online companies.

And here the business model can be a percentage of the sales you generate, that is, you go to a business and tell them, hey, how many sales do you have online today? They tell you a thousand, okay, well, I’m going to create an advertising strategy on Facebook, let’s say, and everything that generates from a thousand I’m going to take a percentage of sales. For example, if you arrive and the company sells a thousand a month and you arrive and make an advertising strategy on Facebook and those thousand turn into five thousand because of the four thousand profit that you have contributed to the company you get a percentage.