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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Website

A solid hosting company is behind every great website, and WordPress sites are no different!

For your online business to thrive today, it’s best to manage everything from marketing to fast hosting, social media, security, content development, and more.

You need to transfer your website to managed WordPress hosting if you want it to have blazing fast speeds, strong security, and stop causing problems for you and your team.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

As you may have guessed from the name, this web host is geared towards WordPress sites. Everything a managed hosting company does in 2022 will be adapted to WordPress, the most effective content management system.

Managed WordPress hosts are CMS experts, and that’s a fact. You can expect high-level support, system readiness, and qualified staff to participate. Oftentimes, a managed host adds extra services and features to relieve owners of the strain on the site and WordPress hardware and knowledge.

Why should you get managed WordPress hosting?

  • Expert WordPress support
  • The most important security for WordPress
  • Websites that load fast and perform better
  • One-click site staging
  • Unlimited features for server configurations
  • SSL certificates are easy to install
  • The option to resell web hosting services
  • Simple site organization
  • Anytime access to developer tools
  • Fewer plugins will be required

1: WordPress expert support

Although most web hosts provide help, you can make sure that the support staff of a managed WordPress provider is expert in WordPress. They are not only aware of it but also specialists in it.

They will be able to tell the difference between a plugin problem, a complicated design, and a server-level problem. They will know what settings a WordPress site needs to work well.

two: The most important security for WordPress

Even if your site is not yet hijacked, you still need to worry about security.

Most managed web hosts provide nightly backups of your site, which you can recover from if something goes wrong. You can access these backups directly from your user panel and recover them with a simple click.

3: Websites that load fast and work better

The entire WordPress server technology stack is focused on the WordPress experience, which is a huge benefit. This means that your website will most likely have more uptime, load faster, and have fewer issues than it does today.

You’ll get performance improvements, worldwide server locations, and instant scaling technology if you choose a managed hosting provider covered by Google.

4: One-click temporary sites

Most managed WordPress providers include a trial site as an add-on to their plan. It often only takes a few clicks to set up and make changes, making it easy for anyone to keep your production site secure.

Like a staging site, a local environment is critical to your development workflow, allowing you to make significant changes to your site outside of the production server.

5: Unlimited features for server configurations

While fast, secure servers are essential for any high-performing site, one of the most significant benefits of managed WordPress hosting is the additional services it can provide.

The specifics of each managed WordPress host may vary, but selecting one built to complement your ideal workflow can have a significant impact on the value you receive.

6: SSL certificates are easy to install

Installing a used SSL certificate involves a lot of back-and-forth discussions with your web server and the certificate provider. This method requires a few clicks with a managed WordPress host that supports SSL certificates.

Managed hosting services were instrumental in making SSL certificates easy to install and available to all website owners. Many managed WordPress providers have chosen to provide free SSL certificates as the best evidence available online.

7: The option to resell web hosting services

Important information for you is that WordPress powers almost 35% of the websites worldwide. That means a sizable market of consumers who want hosting, making WordPress one of the coolest places to look at when considering reselling.

Managed WordPress providers are well aware of this and encourage you to resell their services.

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