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There were a few years when desktop computers were the great dominators of the computing landscape, giving way to laptops, especially since those that were barely thick and hardly weighed began to be manufactured.

That fashion continues, with the latest appearance of gaming, laptops that seek performance over a restrained size. But now new computers with a different architecture to what was had until now are joining the party.

Hence the success that the All In One is having in recent times, since they are devices with differentiating and very attractive attributes for a certain type of client. Let’s see how they are and what they offer us.

What is an All In One?

An All In One computer (in Spanish, all in one) is a team that integrates everything in a single unitThat is, the basic components for any computer, minus the keyboard, are built into the unit.

In the vast majority of models everything is integrated behind the screenso it seems that the only thing that exists is said element, when in fact we have the same as in the others.

Everything that is expected of a computer is present in these All In One such as a processor, a hard drive or SSD, the motherboard, connectors, ports and, as usual, a screen.

The only cable that you will see, apart from those that you incorporate yourself, will be that of the electrical network so that it can be turned on.

Advantages and disadvantages of All In One

The truth is that the All In One have many advantages over normal desktop computers, some of which are obvious.

The use of space It is one of them, since we will be able to have much more space for other things that we want to put on the table, since we will not have to place the CPU anywhere.

The normal thing in this type of computers is to have a screen resolution very high. After all, it is the visible part of it and something should be noticed. In addition, in a very high percentage, we speak of a Touch panelso we can use the mouse or directly the screen to manage the operating system itself.

Apple iMac 2021

The normal thing is that the keyboard and mouse that they bring are wireless and even that these two elements come as standard is also an advantage, since we already know that there are many computers that no longer have them.

Another of the faculties that these computers have is that they usually incorporate energy saving systems quite efficient, since being everything in a single component, the energy expenditure would skyrocket, so they need this type of option to spend less.

Among the disadvantages that the All In One can accumulate are the price of repairs, because they are usually high. In addition, if at any given moment the computer has to be sent to be fixed, we will be left with nothing, since everything is integrated.

HP 27-dp1013nl All-In-One

It can also happen, although it is something that the brands are already working hard on, that we have the odd problem with updatessince we are not talking about a 100% normal computer.

Finally, portability is another handicap of this type of device, since they do not usually have precisely small screens, due to the fact that by having to add so many components, the whole is excessively heavy.

What should we look for when buying an All In One?

Fortunately, we must be aware that there is not going to be much difference between what we could consider a desktop computer and one of this type.

We just have to differentiate certain parts that are going to be related more to design, space and manufacturing than to other things.


The first thing we must look at your design. In other words, we must make sure that we have space to house a device like this, since the All In One screens are much larger than many of the monitors we have today.

But we are not only referring to inches, but also to volume it occupies the back, where all the components of the computer are, such as the processor, motherboard or ports.

You don’t need a desktop to get the features of a powerful PC. Take a look at these Mini PCs that fit in any corner.


It is the engine of the computer, the soul of the team and on which the weight of everything related to its operation will fall.

In this case it is not different from any other CPU, we must always find the best processor for us. This means that, if we are going to use the computer for technical work, where we will have to deal with demanding programs, our SoC must measure up.

Always being very clear about what we want the computer for, since it may be the case that with, for example, an Intel i5 we get more than enough for what we do and we don’t have to spend more money without needing it.

ASUS Vivo AiO V241EAK-BA010D


Both the RAM as storage are two important parts. RAM will help us on a daily basis and in all the tasks in which we are involved with the computer. Obviously, the more we have the better, since this is something that we will appreciate over time.

As for the storage we must be very careful, since these computers do not usually have excessively large memories in many cases. Undoubtedly, we must have at least one SSD, either as the main one or accompanied by a hard drive.

If you like computing, you will be clear that the processor is like the brain of the computer. Now, what happens inside? How does it work? We see it on video.


This is another part where, more than the resolution, which we should always try to go to the maximum, since it will look much better that way, we should be pay attention to the inches of the panel.

It would be absurd to buy and spend the money on a 31-inch monitor, for example, when, for what we are going to do, a 27-inch monitor would be enough.

If we are going to dedicate ourselves to watching movies or games on this panel, it would be best to try to make it panoramic.

MSI Modern AM241 11M-014EU


This is one of those issues where we must be aware that this type of computer they tend to be more “expensive” As for electricity, but that is where our cleverness must come in.

Many of them come prepared with systems to have a lower consumption and that are the ideals to get us home. They may be a little more expensive, but it is worth it, because in the long run, the electricity bill will be noticeable.

We hope that with everything we have told you, you can already get the All In One that best suits you and your needs, especially if you lack space, the great advantage of this type of device.

Tell us about your shopping experience, we will be delighted to know which one you have decided on, on our social networks.

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