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Many and many of us have decided to look to the future with hope. What are the three maxims that should be considered to achieve approval.

The first is that the new constitution only establishes the “new rules of the game”, which, although they allow overcoming the current Constitution, which maintains, despite the modifications made, a conservative, neoliberal and authoritarian matrix, it alone does not solve the multiple crisis dragging the country.

We know that the great problems that afflict Chile are not resolved solely or mainly by constitutional means. This only opens the possibility of doing so: but this will only be viable later with great and true social pacts that allow acting on the social, economic and cultural reality, with the existing political alignments, acting on the really existing reality, and thus face the fracture that we drag along and its immense difficulties: that it solve urgent problems of the people such as security, inflation and making ends meet or having a decent pension. Promote and structure this social pact is perhaps the main challenge of the government of President Gabriel Boric. Well, brilliantly well, his recent Public Account, to head in that direction. The Constitution is only the starting point for that: if it were rejected there would be no starting point for that much-needed process.

The second is that the approval of a new Constitution in the plebiscite, as has already been said, is only the beginning of a path that will have multiple phases, where it will be specified in many legal bodies, it will be regulated in specific laws, it will be possible to improve and perfect, as well as, if necessary, constitutional reforms can be made, since this Constitution, unlike the previous one, will not have insurmountable locks.

Subsequently, a healthy democratic review of the meaning and scope of its rules and new institutions will be natural. We have to highlight, yes, the main idea of ​​this Constitution, which is a Social and Democratic State of Law, that is to say, a state that is the guarantor of certain social rights for all, thus finally specifying and very late for the development already achieved, a true Welfare State.

The third is Unity in Diversity. It will be as essential to achieve the Unity and coordination of all the actors of the approval, as that all the ways of saying I approve are also expressed. Here the experience of the triumph of the NO in 1988 is instructive and wise. We have to repeat that now to start a new transition, this time a transition towards a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable development model.

The broadest and most active unity for approval, but where all the different faces and different views that are for approval are expressed: those 100% convinced, those convinced, but who consider many things should be corrected and improved, those who they want to “approve to reform”, even the “yellow” ones who may feel satisfied with certain achievements in the final version of the text to give their approval. The FA, the PC, Democratic Socialism, Christian Democracy and why not, right-wing people who consider this new beginning necessary. More multiple social and civil society expressions that will have their own reasons.

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