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Thousands of WordPress websites were hacked to redirect visitors to fraudulent sites

Cybersecurity researchers revealed a massive campaign that is responsible for injecting malicious JavaScript code into compromised WordPress websites, which redirects visitors to scam and other malicious websites to generate illegitimate traffic.

“All of the websites shared a common problem: Malicious JavaScript had been injected into their website files and database, including legitimate WordPress core files,” said Krasimir Konov, Sucuri malware analyst.

This led to the infection of files such as jquery.min.js and jquery-migrate.min.js with obfuscated JavaScript that fires on every page load, allowing the attacker to redirect website visitors to a destination of their choosing. .

The website security company owned by GoDaddy, He said that the domains at the end of the redirect chain could be used to load ads, phishing pages, malware, or even trigger another set of redirects.

In some cases, unsuspecting users are led to a rogue redirect landing page that contains a fake CAPTCHA verification, clicking it displays unwanted advertisements that are disguised to appear to come from the operating system and not from a web browser.

The campaign, which is a continuation of another wave that was detected last month, affected 322 websites so far, since May 9. The set of attacks in April has breached the security of more than 6,500 websites.

“Attackers have been found to target multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes to compromise the website and inject their malicious scripts,” Konov said.


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