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This is the cheapest and easiest way to create a website

Gone are the times when creating a website ended up becoming a difficult process to carry out, which required yes or yes to place trust in professionals in the sector. Nowadays you even have the possibility of shaping your own online portal yourself, especially if you resort to the simplest method that currently exists. It basically consists of buy a domain that already has everything you need to create the webincluding a content manager that is as intuitive as can be.

Your website starts with a domain, so it is essential to choose it well. The best alternative in 2022 is the one offered by a specialized and highly experienced company. We refer to Nominalia. Did you know that it is the cheapest and simplest option? Indeed, since it includes all the services that we will mention below.

best possible price

Before delving into the included services, it cannot be overlooked the affordable price of the domains offered by Nominalia. Some, like .com and .net, require a payment of just one euro per year. You have read correctly: for less than a penny a day you will have a very complete domain.

If this price is already surprising, more does one that is even lower. Effectively, Nominalia offers you the possibility of contracting domains at zero cost. There are several that are free, including the much-requested .es.

Others that can also be registered for free are those intended for certain very specific purposes, such as the .store, which is ideal for creating an electronic commerce.

The price is surprising not only for being so low, but also for including so many services. That is why users are able to create their own website.

Domains with hosting, WordPress, web editor, email accounts and much more

When buying a domain through Nominalia, the client has a series of services that are very useful, starting with wordpress. Following the example of the rest of the inclusions, none of them require the payment of a single additional euro, all entering the price initially paid -even if it is a free offer-.

So, WordPress will be completely free, being able to shape a website yourself using the CMS par excellence. It is a content management system that stands out for being intuitive and versatile in equal parts. Whatever type of online portal you have thought of, you will have the possibility of creating it without difficulties.

In order for Internet users to access the content you publish with WordPress, they must enter the URL of the domain you register, which will give access to the web page that will be hosted in a hosting, also included.

That’s how it is, When you buy a domain, Nominalia provides you with hosting whose space is 1 GB, more than enough to be able to give Internet users the information they expect to find on your website: texts, images, videos, etc. This is appreciated, since you will not have to take care of hiring a hosting.

The fact of including hosting is not the only thing that makes Nominalia’s domains the most recommended today. Additionally, they also put at your disposal other very useful services, including an extra free domain. You can choose between a .store or .online.

In any case, You will have a total of three email accountswhich allow you to store up to 2 GB of data, which you will appreciate especially if you usually receive e-mails with attached files: documents in PDF format, spreadsheets, etc.

Speaking of the website you shape, it will be attractive and intuitive whatever the system you choose to create it, and it is also highly recommended to opt for Simply Site Micro. Is about a publisher included in the domain. This tool provides professional and type results responsive, so that the contents are displayed perfectly regardless of the devices used by the users in order to access them. So you choose if you do it in Wordpress or in Simple Site.

The list of included services does not end here. And if that was not enough, also provides the all important SSL certificate. Thanks to the Secure Sockets Layer, the identity of your online portal will be authenticated, allowing you to establish connections whose encryption allows users to enjoy maximum privacy and security, transmitting confidence to any Internet user who decides to visit your website.
Finally we have to talk about support to which Nominalia customers who buy a domain with free hosting and WordPress have access. This service remains active every day, including weekends and holidays, so that in the event of any doubt or setback you will have highly experienced professionals at your disposal who will resolve the issue in record time.

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