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If you want a cheap PC but one that allows you to run almost any Windows application, there is a model from a Chinese brand that promises a lot.

Luckily for all those who want or need a laptop, there are many models of all kinds for sale, with a profusion of affordable models for a few years now, especially since the last batch of Chromebooks arrived.

However, there are those who prefer Windows yes or yes, and possibly Windows 11, which comes with many new features. If you are one of those who bet on the Microsoft operating system, there are no shortage of cheap laptops with it, especially of Chinese origin, such as the Teclast F7 Plus3 just released on Amazonwhich already sells it for only 319 euros.

It is a very, very competitive price, especially if we look at its specifications. Although it comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, as soon as you turn it on and configure it, you can upgrade to Windows 11.

Teclast F7 Plus3

Otherwise, it stands out above all for its low weight, only 1.3 kgso it is a very light ultrabook laptop, ideal for those looking for a computer that they can always carry with them to university, school or work.

It measures 14 inches, more than respectable size and enough for both workers and students. It should be added that it has an Intel processor Celeron N4120 and storage in SSD format and 8 GB of RAMwhich are components that more than guarantee the fluidity of the OS.

It does have a major problem, and that is that being an imported product, although it is shipped from Spain, it has a QWERTY keyboard but not in Spanish, that is, it does not have a Ñ key as such. The seller does include stickers so that you can place it where it should be once you have chosen Spanish as the system language.

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Little by little, Chinese manufacturers are putting more models on sale in Spain, although few take the step of adapting their keyboards, something that for now only larger companies such as Huawei do with their Matebooks and Honor with their Magicbooks.

For the price of this Teclast laptop, it is difficult to find a better or more powerful computer right now.

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