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Chrome OS is a growing operating system that closely resembles Android. If you want to try it on a moderately powerful computer, Amazon has one at a reduced price.

Google has made a strong commitment to Chrome OS, an operating system based on Android but designed for PCs and that has gradually been gaining ground internationally, as it is used by many low-cost laptops, the ones that students usually buy.

It has its advantages, and familiarity with Android is one of them, in addition to the price of the PCs that equip it, of course, although not all models with Chrome OS are basic laptops and there are others that offer something more. One of them is the ASUS Chromebook Flip C433TA that Amazon has lowered at only 399 euros.

It is a much lower price than usual thanks to the discount of 41 euros that has been applied temporarily and that improves its value for money a little more.

ASUS Chromebook Flip with M3

It equips a much more powerful processor than usual, since it is not an Intel Celeron, which are usually the chips used by Chromebooks, but a Intel Core M3.

With this processor, the speed of the operating system promises to be much higher, allowing you to run some especially heavy apps with a fluidity that other more basic chips cannot offer.

One of the few drawbacks that can be put is that it has only 64 GB of storage capacity in eMMC format, although luckily all Chromebooks include free Drive cloud storage for their users as a backup.

If not, you can use a microSD or flash drive to expand the capacity, a last resort that may be much needed. Of course, take care that it is an extra high-speed storage.

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There is no doubt that with an M3 and Chromebook this ASUS laptop is a good option for students and also for workers who want to spend little money but have a competitive PC. If you can afford to spend a bit more, there are obviously much better laptops out there, and we’ve tested them.

It goes without saying that, as always or almost always on Amazon, you do not have to pay shipping costs. They are included in the price for both Prime and non-Prime users, although making the purchase from an Amazon Prime account will get you home a little faster.

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