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they report coupons for house raffle in exchange for votes

  • The recent elections are seeking to elect the next candidates to power in 6 different states.

  • The “dirty game” of political marketing has been carried out for decades in the past to achieve as much positioning as possible.

  • A poorly executed or negative campaign could lead to a brand crisis that is hard to forget.

Users have reported an alleged lottery in the 2022 elections, raffling a house if they send a photo of their vote.

In campaign times, the different political parties that compete to see who can get the most votes use different types of advertising to spread their image.either by disseminating their messages in the media or more elaborate marketing campaigns, but they generally tend to cover expenses in traditional, digital, ATL, BTL media, among endless other opportunities to explore.

To take into account the level of investment that this item entails, it would be worth recalling the information provided when the General Council approved, in an ordinary session, the amount and distribution of public financing for campaign expenses in political parties with accreditation and registration with the IEPC, where it was reported that the PAN would have access to 3 million 328 thousand 292 pesos, Morena to 15 million 810 thousand 502 pesos, the PRI to 78 million 21 thousand 329 pesos and the PRD to 3 million 223 thousand 983 pesos. , among other well-known political parties in Mexico.

This Sunday, June 5, the 2022 elections in Mexicowhere six entities of the country went to vote to elect their next governor, as well as local legislators, municipal presidents and other popularly elected positions in the states of Aguascalientes, Oaxaca, Durango, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo and Hidalgo.

These elections were coordinated, as is customary, by the National Electoral Institute (INE); Despite this, the Local Public Electoral Bodies are the ones that will be in charge of the processes of said entities.

Some users on social networks have exhibited various actions that the political parties are carrying out in the current elections, but one in particular has generated endless negative criticism towards one of the parties, that of Maria Theresa Jimeneza PAN candidate from Va por Aguascalientes for the state governorship, for an alleged raffle for a house in exchange for a photograph of a vote.

Despite this, the image of the INE is also being affected, since there are various publications of the following nature:

Given this alleged draw for a house in the elections, the official account of the INE has not yet followed up, but some belonging to the Aguascalientes Prosecutor’s Office are presenting themselves to have more information about it.

This type of situation where political parties and characters to a candidacy are shown carrying out “unethical” actions to attach more votes and positioning yourself in the public eye is quite common to see; however, taking these types of strategies undoubtedly permanently damages the image of the supporters.

One of these examples we have recently with a particular case of Mexico City, where the mayor of the Cuauhtémoc delegation, Sandra Cuevas, generated controversy after throwing some balls with 500-peso bills stuck to them, earning the nickname “Lady Balls”. ” and leading him to suffer a personal brand crisis that could have been saved if he had not committed such an act.

Political marketing entails endless propaganda actions behind it, where “dirty play” is quite present today (and for many decades in the past).

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