These wireless Philips headphones with more than 30% discount

Philips Wireless Headphones

Philips Wireless Headphones

It is becoming more and more common to see how people listen to music on the street or go to the gym with wireless headphones. They are comfortable, offer very good sound quality and, in many cases, are cheap. It is the case of Philips wireless headphones available at Lidlwhich now have a great discount that you will not be able to miss out on so you can buy them cheaper.

The offer has a deadline, so you’ll have to hurry if you don’t want to run out of yours. Instead of almost 150 euros that Philips brand wireless headband headphones cost, they will only cost you 99.99 euros. For this price you get some helmets with a great autonomy, very good quality and that they have all the guarantees of a brand as specialized as it is Phillips.

Buy at Lidl for (€149.99) €99.99

Discount Philips wireless headphones at Lidl

philips bluetooth headphones

The philips headphones They are characterized by being able to work for thirty hours straight, which is reduced to 25 if you use their useful sleep mode. noise reduction. This mode will allow you to isolate yourself from reality in order to fully enjoy your favorite music or the series of the moment.

They are very comfortable to wear for hours because they have ear pads and, in addition, their temples are smooth and adjustable. If we add to that that they can be folded to store them better, we are already talking about some wireless headphones to which not a single detail is missing. Their high-resolution sound and its built-in microphone They are the icing on the cake that will allow you to enjoy the latest generation of Philips headphones, and now at an outrageous price!

Thanks to the Lidl offers You can forget about paying the almost 150 euros that headband headphones cost to only have to pay 99.99 euros. A really low price considering everything these offer wireless headphones.

Buy at Lidl for (€149.99) €99.99

Hurry up and do not miss the opportunity to buy some philips wireless headphones with the best value for money on the market.

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