These technological products that many of us have at home and that are also very modern could be worth a fortune

The market usually holds big surprises for many of us. In fact, it has led us to believe that modern things are worthless for at least two reasons. First, because industrial mass production produces millions of identical parts. And also because we believe that we still have to wait a long time before considering these things obsolete.

In fact, we must remember that the development of technology is so fast that in a very short time we can consider it an ancient object. Operating systems, parts and methods of use change in a few years. This means that we can also consider a modern object as part of the history of technology. Almost a piece of industrial archaeology. All we have to do is clean the garage or the house patiently. First we can find One of the three most expensive Italian vinyl. In the market. Or take one of these items in your hand. It would be a great fortune, because these technological products from the Apple producer can be worth a treasure. We can consider them as true iconic pieces of contemporaneity.

Not 20 years of life

Obviously, the value can vary greatly depending on the state of conservation, the presence of the original background and the optimal performance. It’s in its early 20s, but Apple’s first iPod from 2001 could be a great value. More specifically, for business models the value at auctions and among fans will exceed 1,000 euros. The value can increase by a third if something is fully preserved and equipped with the original packaging. Surely we should be lucky enough not to give it up, lose it, sell it, or get rid of it.

Apple has also produced computers in its rich and wonderful history. One of the products that thrill-seekers are interested in is the iMac G3 Bondi Blue model from 1998. It is an object recognizable by the use of colored but opaque structural plastics. Specifically, a review form A can be worth more than 1,000 euros. Having the fund is a source of greater added value.

These technological products that many of us have at home and that are also very modern could be worth a fortune

Finally, the smartphone model cannot be missing. iPhone 2G is Apple’s first smartphone model and was released on June 29, 2007 in the United States. It represents for many collectors a true cult object. Equipped with a 3.5-inch screen (Steve Jobs requested a format suitable for one-hand use) not sold in Italy. If by luck, during a trip abroad or through gifts, it were available to us, we could count on something of at least 1,000 euros of value. We may also decide to keep it, hoping for another increase in value.

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