These headphones are good, beautiful and only cost 25 euros


An unknown firm that is selling its headphones like churros.

One of the headphones highest number of sales has accumulated on Amazon are these TOZO T10, a great purchase idea to stop using AirPods for a while. These headphones are compact, light and good quality Sound. Today they drop in price to €24.99 in his version of glossy black color.

More of 260,000 opinions of clients, with a average of 4.3 out of 5 guarantee the purchase of these TOZO T10. They are made to walk, run or sit on public transport or our sofa at home. Enjoy making calls without noticing you’re wearing them or listening to music without disturbing anyone (and without being disturbed), only for 25 euros.

Buy the most valued headphones for 24.99 euros

TOZO T10 earphones

TOZO T10 best-selling headphones drop in price again

The TOZO T10 are totally wireless headphones that have a range of up to 6 hours on a single charge. If we add the hours provided by the charging case, we will be talking about up to 30 total hours. In addition, they have fast charging, in just 1.5 hours we can have 100% of the battery recharged. And, as if that were not enough, they have wireless charging if you prefer (in this case the charge will last 2 hours).

Their design is compact, they are earbud headphones (in-ear) that are inserted into the auditory pavilion and are adjusted thanks to their adaptable rubber bands. Therefore, we isolate from external noise enough and will also allow our music or calls not to go outside. They are very comfortable to run with them, you will not fall. Of course, I do not recommend doing other types of vigorous activities or sports with them on, you could lose them.

They work with Bluetooth 5.3 very low energy technologyride some 8mm drivers, a fairly large size for the size of the headphones as a whole. Let’s remember that the AirPods 3 have 11 mm drivers and are somewhat larger. On a more technical level, these TOZO T10 reach frequencies between 16 and 20,000 Hz, they are waterproof with IPX8 certificationand they are very easy to pair to any Bluetooth enabled device.

If you get some TOZO T10, I recommend you look your own wireless charger, the TOZO W1, which has a 10% discount on Amazon in all colors. Indeed, the surface is tactileand we will be able to control all kinds of actions without having to press the slightest: play/pause songs, answer/hang up calls, skip songs, activate the voice assistant or raise/lower volume.

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