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These are the SEPE courses that you can take for free in June 2022

Summer is coming and it is synonymous with employment, although for the little ones this season is synonymous with vacations, a lot of beach and swimming pool. Young students are the ones who to a greater extent begin to look for their first job opportunity. The State Public Employment Service (SEPE), he knows it, so this June he publishes five free and infallible online courses to find a job. Don’t miss this opportunity that is offered with the free SEPE courses.

However, it must be remembered that almost a month ago this same public body added as much in terms of training with five other apprenticeships in digital skills, also available free of charge through the LinkedIn website.

The truth is that learning and acquiring new professional skills can make the difference between the resume of one user and that of another. It is especially noticeable in those applications in which there is no experience in the labor market or in the case of those over 52 years of age, who in certain circumstances have to update in terms of technology.

Bear in mind that this educational offer published by the SEPE in direct collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, is available from the Digitalízate Plus platform of the State Foundation for Training.

It is a SEPE website that the Government of Spain launched in June of last year to offer training actions for all types of people: young people, self-employed workers, the unemployed or even ERTE workers.

Free courses offered by SEPE for the month of June

  • Network Administration Specialist: Learn the necessary skills to design a new network and be able to implement said network project using the TCP/IP model. Develop and expand knowledge about cybersecurity so that your network is always secure and also master the different tools that will be needed to correctly manage your own company’s networks on a day-to-day basis. The duration is 16 hours.
  • Sales Professional: Successful salespeople know how to convey trust, be attentive to their customers, influence their decisions, and learn from their mistakes. Develop these skills and understand the steps a successful sales professional must take, from acquiring new clients to negotiating and selling techniques. Duration: 10 hours.
  • Professional English for tourism: The main objective is to have solvency to express themselves orally and in writing at an advanced level of the English language, in the different situations and actions typical of professional tourism activity. The necessary requirement for the access of the participants is to have intermediate level B1 accredited or contracted through a level test. Duration of this course 60 hours.
  • Restoration management: The general purpose is to carry out feasibility projects for the implementation of a restaurant, analyzing the services in relation to their organization and planning, as well as cost control, taking into account the safety and hygiene standards in restaurants. The duration of this course is 100 hours.
  • Reception and customer service in accommodation establishments: It focuses on providing the reception service, determining appropriate processes and satisfactory customer service. Course duration 65 hours.
  • Ecotourism: Acquire the basic foundations on the phenomenon of ecotourism, the techniques for its planning and the economic aspects of ecotourism projects. 60 hours.
  • Digital marketing: The objective is to know how to design an omnichannel marketing strategy for attracting and growing the business to reach and exceed the objectives set, selecting the optimal channels, formats and media according to the audience and the product, through quality content. The duration is 130 hours

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