These are the best cheap controls to play with Android mobiles that you can buy

That of using cell phones to call is old news. Now, mobiles are used for practically everything, and that includes playing video games. And not simple little games, no; true console-worthy beasts that can run on the best mobiles gaming From the market.

But even the best mobile gaming It is a bit uncomfortable to play, since it forces us to touch the screen and it is not very comfortable. That’s why, nothing better to play big than having a good controller for android.

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There are many controls designed to play on mobile phones and, depending on the brand and style, they can be careless, although of course: the more money, the more quality. But If you are satisfied with a control of remarkable quality and that does not leave your wallet shaking, you have come to the right place.

So take note why we are going to tell you what they are The best cheap controls to play with Android mobiles that you can buy.

For fans of the Xbox controller: EasySMX


If you love the design of the Xbox controller, with its ergonomics and its joystick asymmetrical, the EasySMX controller is made for you. It is very similar to the Xbox 360 controller and is compatible with Android as well as Windows computers..

That said: it has two joystick asymmetric, a crosshead on the left, the four action buttons on the right and triggers. All in a practically traced configuration at the command of Microsoft. To use it with Android you will have to use an OTG adapter.

EasySMX Controller

For fans of the PlayStation controller: Maegoo

maegoo command

If you prefer the style of the PlayStation DualShock, there is also an Android controller for you: the Maegoo controller, a very versatile controller compatible with Android, Windows computers, PlayStation 3 and Smart TV.

You can play with it on Android thanks to the 2.4GHz Bluetooth connection. In terms of its design, it is practically identical to the DualShock – triggers included – and includes a grip so you can place your phone and play anytime anywhereas well as a dongle to use it on PC, Smart TV and PS3.

maegoo command

For those looking for quality at a good price: BMSARE

BMSARE command

Quality has a price, yes, but sometimes that price is not very high. This is what happens with the BMSARE remote, an Android remote that offers interesting features and with a quite remarkable design and finishes considering its price. Also, includes a grip to place the mobile.

This controller is compatible with Android, but also with PC, PS3, Smart TV and TV Box. YoIncorporates dual motors that offer vibration, although it only works on PC and PS3. You can connect it directly with Android, but you can also connect it via the ShootingPlus V3 app to customize the buttons. It has a 500 mAh battery with 13 hours of autonomy.

BMSARE command

To turn your phone into a console: iPega PG-9087S

iPega PG-9087S

If what you want is a control that opens and closes to turn your phone into a console, the iPega brand interests you. This brand manufactures different controllers compatible with Android, but here we want to talk to you about the iPega PG-9087S, which expands to fit the length of your phone and turn it into a kind of Nintendo Switch.

This command has joystick asymmetrical, cross brace and buttons, and It is compatible with Android and iOS phones no larger than 6.2 inches. It incorporates a Home button and Turbo function, as well as an ergonomic ABS plastic grip so that it does not slip.

iPega PG-9087S

If what of the joystick If you don’t like asymmetrical ones, you can opt for the iPega PG-9083S model, which is also much larger and you can also use it on a tablet to play big, even in a portable format.

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