There came a way to have the best video games without a computer or console: you pay in pesos and it’s very cheap

Xboxthe video game and console brand developed by Microsoft, announced that it will bring to Argentina one of the most anticipated systems by all gamers: CloudGaming.

It is a streaming service for video games that allows you to play practically any game regardless of the computer from which you connect, be it a cell phone, a laptop and even a smart TV.

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What is needed to use Xbox cloud Gaming

The official launch name of this service is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming and is part of the premium subscription system of the consoles of this brand. To use it, it is necessary to have about 15 Mbpssince this is the minimum to run games in standard quality of 720p.

All you need to play with Cloud Gaming is an Xbox One or Xbox Series controller.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have an Android device capable of download the Xbox Pass app. In computers with Windows operating system it can be used directly from this application (which is pre-installed in the latest versions) while in iOS (iPhone and iPad) it is necessary to enter from a browser.

Depending on the platform, will be able to join Xbox Game Pass video games in Cloud Gaming with a controller Xbox One or Xbox Seriesconnected via bluetooth and even with the touchscreen on select games and devices.

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“We want you to be able to play the games you want, with whomever you want, on the devices you already have,” they point out from the company and add: “We want to remove as many barriers as possible to give you more ways to connect and play“.

How much does xbox cloud gaming cost

The introductory price for this new service will be $39 a month for the first three months.while then they start charging $899 a month for the subscription.

In addition, the value of digital games must be considered, which varies depending on the seniority and if it is in promotion at that time. This inconvenience can be remedied with the exclusive catalog for Xbox Pass subscribers -which includes more than 100 games-.

Some of the most prominent video games on the list are Assassin’s Creed Origins either ninja gaidenwhile EA Play, Xbox Live Gold and PC Game Pass libraries are also available.

Finally, from Microsoft they announced that the popular video game Fortnite can be played without paying anything: “Now our fans in New Zealand and Argentina can join the fun and play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming, without a subscription. All you have to do is visit, sign in with your Xbox account and start playing!“.

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