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The key to the positioning of TecnoWeb Hosting

To publish a website on the Internet, you need to use an online hosting service. In simple terms, hosting means that you rent space on a server to use and store all your website data on.

hosting service Technoweb Hosting It has been in operation for 20 years now. Today, you can be sure that they have a strong position in the industry. The key to its position lies in its hosting services, its offer for resellers, its dedicated server service and domain registration for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. For them, their customer service is a priority, and they take all measures to satisfy your needs.

The speed of their high performance servers gives them an edge over their competitors. They have good connectivity and their services are stable and agile. Another advantage is that they own their own computers and servers, so they do not sublet them like other companies in the sector.

A server is a physical computer that works without interruption so that the websites hosted on it are constantly available. This hosting is the responsibility of the service provider, who is responsible for the proper functioning of the server, which of course includes protection against malware.

TecnoWeb offers online hosting services and is currently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the market. These are their most popular plans:

1. Reseller Hosting

TecnoWeb offers a good service of Reseller Hosting (Reseller Hosting), optimized with cPanel; This has a 10-day warranty.

What is reseller hosting?

There are companies that buy a certain amount of space and store a corresponding number of websites on it. Typically, these companies create plans and packages that are tailored to the specific needs of their target group. This business is especially lucrative, since the profits generated by the commercialization go to the reseller.

To understand the reseller hosting job niche, perhaps it’s easiest to look back in chronological order to a few years ago, specifically to about 20 years ago, when the dotcom boom began.

Just before the boom, there was only shared hosting, where multiple websites were run on the same server, and dedicated hosting or servers, where a physical server was used exclusively for a specific website.

However, when the dotcom boom increased the demand for hosting services and created a huge niche, web hosting companies needed to simplify contracts, reduce costs and create a user-friendly interface to make managing websites easier. .

This high demand also resulted in the creation of reseller hosting services, and some well-established companies are now focusing on this business, which has proven to be viable and very profitable in the long run.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

TecnoWeb’s Virtual Private Servers or vps-hosting They promise scalability to your needs. In other words, they promise to be agile and adaptive. They have remote technical service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They stand out for their speed.

What is a virtual private server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which means virtual private server in English. As the name suggests, it is a virtual server hosted on a physical machine that offers better performance than an average or cheaper hosting service. VPS is more powerful and affordable than dedicated or dedicated servers.

With VPS hosting, your websites are co-hosted with other websites on the same virtual machine, but in much smaller numbers than traditional hosting.

The VPS works thanks to the technology of virtualization. It does not create a physical computing environment, but rather a simulated, virtual environment. This includes, for example, hardware versions, operating systems, and storage devices.

This allows you to divide a physical computer or server into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine can work independently, so it can share resources with the central computer while the operating system is running.

Virtual servers can be installed on a physical server with a high-performance processor to create multiple virtual servers, each of which can act as a separate computer and server.

3. Linux hosting with cPanel

This plan –cpanel-hosting– Offers optimization with latest Version cPanel, Free SSL. It also has a 10-day warranty.

What is CPanel?

Of all the Linux based control panels, cPanel is the most popular for web hosting accounts. cPanel is now the industry standard, which means most web developers are familiar with it.

The dashboard is intuitive and can be described as very easy to use. Its main function is to allow you to efficiently manage your web hosting account, for example, create new FTP users and email addresses, create subdomains and install software.

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