The best universities to study journalism in the US

Do you want to train or specialize in journalism in a different and high-level environment? Learn about the best universities to study journalism in the US.

The United States has one of the most powerful educational infrastructures in the entire world. This attracts students from all corners of the planet to start or complement their studies in different areas and journalism is no exception.

Home to important journalistic awards such as the Pulitzer Prizes, the USA has more than a hundred high-level schools. The degree in journalism is also very well placed among the rankings of schools and universities in the country.

If you want to study at any of the universities that we will share below, you need to first inform yourself about the visa policies of the United States. The country recently announced that it was resuming the issuance and renewal of visas.

You should take a look at these details before organizing your study trip.

So that you can warm up, we leave you some of the most recognized schools and universities to study journalism in the United States, according to North American portals specialized in the matter.

Columbia University–New York

Since 1917 this venue has awarded the Pulitzer Prizes in different categories of journalism, so it is the perfect starting point for this count.

Columbia University, located in New York City, is one of the largest private universities in the city. It is located in the top 10 of the best universities in the world according to different rankings.

According to the rankings of the College Factual portal, Columbia ranks number 4 among the best schools to specialize in journalism in the United States.

This makes it also one of the most selective. The highest degree offered by this educational center is the master’s degree.

Recent graduates of Columbia University’s journalism degree program in New York City earn nearly $13,000 more than college graduates with the same degree from other institutions.

The median salary for Columbia University graduates in the United States is around $43,000.

Northwestern University–Evanston (Ill.)

One of the best universities to study journalism in the United States. Northwestern University is located in the city of Evanston in the state of Illinois.

It is one of the most prestigious study houses in the country. His alumni include more than 30 Pulitzer Prize winners.

At a general level, it ranks 14th out of 2,576 in the ranking of Best Schools in the country. The highest degree awarded by this house of studies is the master’s degree.

As a graduate student at this university you have the unique opportunity to work in the Northwestern newsrooms in Chicago and Washington DC You will be able to present stories in multimedia media.

Degree programs include a Master of Science in Journalism or a Master for Experienced Professionals (requiring 7 years of journalism experience).

The median salary in the United States for a recent Northwestern graduate is around $40,000. This means that graduates of this university earn $9,558 more than the standard for journalism graduates.

University of Missouri–Columbia

The University of Missouri, commonly known as “Mizzou,” boasts the first and one of the best journalism schools in the world. The school was created in 1908.

It is also proud to have the Missouri Method, which gives students hands-on experience to prepare them for the real world.

For this, for example, it has about 10 professional organizations affiliated with the school, which give students the opportunity to interact with experienced journalists.

Contrary to the previous options, the journalism degrees available at “Mizzou” include the option of doing a doctorate in journalism.

The median US starting salary for a recent University of Missouri journalism graduate is approximately $41,000.

Northwestern University – Boston (Massachusetts)

Located in the city of Boston, Northeastern or Boston University has seen the emergence of 24 Pulitzer Prize winners, it combines a liberal arts background with extensive prior training in the professional field.

Undergraduate students can choose from many areas of interest, such as online journalism and magazine journalism.

Students often intern at prestigious Boston-area news organizations, such as the Boston Globe.

Lastly, it boasts a strong journalism master’s program, indicating access to a host of impressive faculty and other resources.

Graduates of this university can expect a median starting salary of around $41,000.

To take into account to study in the USA

If you are not familiar with the educational system in the United States, you should know that a bachelor’s degree lasts 4 years, while a master’s degree usually lasts 2 years.

A bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, is required to apply to any master’s degree program in journalism, and a master’s degree is required to enroll in a doctoral program.

As we discussed previously, you don’t need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree specifically in journalism, but most commonly, universities require some kind of experience in the field.

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