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the best to set up a website this 2019

The VPS They are essential when we are going to set up a web page and we need something beyond the basics. When we contract these servers we are making sure that we are going to have absolute control over everything, installing the packages we need, the security measures we want and setting up our website in our image and likeness. We can also install VPN servers to access the Internet through this server itself, in fact, these VPNs are used to watch MotoGP Online according to

The VPS servers they are rented paying according to the hardware that we need, but if we do not know how to search well it is very easy for us to end up paying much more than necessary. Below we are going to recommend what we consider to be the best VPS servers that we can hire to set up our website.

The best VPS to set up a website in 2019

Amazon Web Services (EC2)

amazon has revolutionized the web server market thanks to Amazon Web Service, its giant data processing and storage infrastructure. The main advantage of Amazon Web Services is that we can find the server we want depending on what we have to do.

Amazon’s EC2 servers, for example, are the closest thing to classic VPS servers, but unlike these, at Amazon we pay based on the use we make of them, billed every second that the server is up and according to the load of the same.

Although it is not the most common to set up a website, it is a type of private server that we cannot ignore. We can contract it from the following link and, in addition, we will have 750 hours per month for a year (that is, a whole year) free of this type of EC2 servers.


Although very limited and quite complex, OVH It offers us a series of very cheap virtual servers that we can use for whatever we want. For just 3 pounds (probably the lowest price we can find) we will have an OpenStack server with a 2 GHz vCore, 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of SSD storage, ideal for setting up a simple website for very little money.


We are also going to have slightly more powerful servers, like the Cloud series, which for £7 will give us 1 vCore at 3GHz, 2GB of RAM and 25GB of storage. All these servers are very cheap and also very customizable, being able to choose the hardware we need to avoid unnecessary costs and even the location where we want our server to be.

The main problem with this VPS is that the speeds are very limited, with most plans having a connection of 100 Mbps.


namecheap It is one of the best known domain registrars on the net from where we can buy domain names with much lower rates than those offered by other giants such as GoDaddy. In addition to the sale of domains, Namecheap has a VPS server that allows us to rent these private servers to set up our website, or whatever we need.

For 10.61 euros per month we will be able to have a VPS server with two cores, 2 GB of RAM, 40 GB of SSD storage in RAID 10 and a total traffic of 1000 GB per month. In addition, for 7 euros more per month, we can have another VPS with 4 cores, 6 Gb of RAM and 120 GB of SSD with 3000 MB of monthly traffic.

Namecheap VPS

All the VPS that we rent include a free web domain.


Another of the best known and used VPS in the network is Hostinger. This is one of the cheapest options that we can find on the net. From just 3.95 euros per month we can have a simple server with 1 vCore, 1 GB of RAM and 20 GB of storage with a monthly bandwidth of 1 TB, ideal for commenting on small projects.

Hostinger Plans

We have several plans configured according to the needs of each one, from the one we have just seen from 3.95 euros to a plan of 29.95 euros per month that offers us 8 vCores, 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of storage and a total of 8 TB of traffic.


ions It is a 1&1 project to simplify the task of researching and choosing all kinds of purchases related to setting up a website or a server, such as domains and, of course, a VPS.

Within the plans that Ionos offers us, we can find VPS servers from 5 euros (the first 6 months) that offer us 2 vCores, 2 GB of RAM and 80 GB of SSD storage. If we need more power, we can choose any of the other methods to set up our website on our private server.

Plans 1and1 Ions

All Ionos plans have unlimited traffic, so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth.

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