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The best free web hosting services

  • Starting a website is not an easy task for those who do not have much experience. Luckily, there are services that make many things easier for us when taking our first steps in web development.
  • But nothing better than starting with several free proposals, to try, gain experience and be able to launch ourselves in the world of websites in a positive way.

Currently many small businesses and varied projects have to have their space on the internet. The problem on many occasions is the lack of knowledge and resources to be able to develop it. Fortunately, there are services What do they offer us? free web hosting in a very easy way, ideal for those who are starting in this world and still do not have great knowledge about it.

Free web hosting services

We all know the importance of having a good hosting for our website. For this reason, we will see a list of the best free web hosting services with a wide variety of features and options, designed for beginners.


WordPress one of the best free web hosting services.

We couldn’t start with another one because WordPress is the leader for free web extensions. Launched in 2005 by Automattic, Inc. It provides web hosting services through free and paid plans. It is an excellent possibility for those who are just starting out in the web world.

WordPress is one of the most used platforms to develop any kind of website, with an extremely simple interface. It is even possible to monetize our website using affiliate links or our own WordAds program.

By signing up, we will get a subdomain, 3 GB of storage, several free templates, backups and automatic updates.


It offers many tools to host a free website.

AwardSpace has world-class server technology. The best thing about this service is that it does not insert advertising on our websites. We can start hosting our website simply by registering with the service and choosing any of the two CMS (Content Creators) that we have available. It also offers several payment plans, although we can switch between paid and free plans at any time without any problem.

It offers us storage of up to 5 GB, a free domain with a extension, we can install WordPress or Joomla. Something very interesting is that it does not add advertising to our website and we can manage the web files, ideal for creating a backup if we want to move.


Weebly allows us to have a complete website in just a few steps.

In the case of Weebly, we find many website templates and very interesting features. It is possible to drag and drop the elements that we want to appear on our page, it offers many attractive functions and it is not necessary to install any kind of plugins.

It allows free SEO optimization, storage up to 500 MB, a subdomain, and free SSL security, which is very important these days.


Create your professional website for free

Wix is ​​one of the best in its field, it offers free web hosting and many features that will allow us to customize our website to our liking. It allows its users to create websites through a graphical interface where we will simply have to drag different elements and drop them where we want them to be.

Its free plan offers us a subdomain, 500 MB of storage, very intuitive tools to create a site, automatic configuration, etc. The free plan adds advertising to our website. However, if we purchase the premium service we can remove it, get several extra features and use our own domain.


Free Hosting.

Thanks to Hostinger we find 000webhost that offers us free hosting with access to a cPanel, automatic WordPress installer, website creation tools, etc. The hosting platform supports PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Which gives us enormous freedom to create our website, although we will need more knowledge to develop it.

It offers us up to 300 MB of space, totally free of advertising, access to the PHP and MySQL database, installation in one click, free templates, etc.

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