THE BEST EMAIL MARKETING TOOL ✅. Are you going crazy thinking about the best email marketing tool for your business?  email marketing, Mailchimp was nothing like it to what it is now. At the time it was little more than a Hotmail. Therefore, after all these years in the online world, I will share with you.

The Email Marketing Tool For Your Online Business

Who I consider being the best email marketing tools. Before we go into detail, the first thing we have to define is what “best” means. Because “best” is not absolute, it is not an absolute term: best refers to the best option for your business, neither for mine, nor for the rest of humanity, but your business. You need a tool that fits the needs of your specific business.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself when selecting the email marketing tool for your online business are: 1) It integrates well with my CMS; 2) it has the functionalities that my business needs; 3) it fits my budget; 4) It integrates well with my CRM if you have one; 5) what stage of growth is my business in, and 6) level of technical knowledge you have, or in other words, how much do you want to worry about technology.

So, there are a thousand opinions and they are probably all correct. What I’m going to leave here is my experience of all these years both with my businesses and with my clients. So we are going to attack the matter with a series of situations. Situations where I try to put you and what I suggest is to do a little brainstorming with me or that at least it serves to make you think.

The Email Marketing Level Is A Solution

Situation number one Are you starting your business? If you are launching your business now or you are in the initial phases of your business, then what interests you at the email marketing level is a solution that is capable of perfectly capturing contacts from your website. For now, you shouldn’t worry about much more than that.

You want a simple solution that allows you to capture leads, capture contacts on your website, without major issues. In this situation of launching a business or early stages of a business the two tools that I recommend are Mailchimp, which has a free plan up to 2,000 contacts, and Klaviyo, with a free plan up to 250 contacts.

Both tools, allow you to easily capture contacts from your website and make basic email marketing. By the way, the links to all the tools I’m going to talk about you have them down in the description. Situation number 2 Do you use Shopify as a CMS? If you use Shopify as CMS, then the best email marketing tool for you is Klaviyo, without a doubt.

The Tools Of Email Marketing Integrate In A Very Similar Way

According to my experience, the integration of Shopify with Klaviyo is the best on the market. The data transfer from Shopify to Klaviyo is extensive and accurate, which allows you to trace the behavior of users on your website and, based on that, take the right email marketing actions with Klaviyo.

Doing automation like cart abandonment or abandoning navigation is extremely easy since from Shopify this information is sent to Klaviyo and in Klaviyo you can use it to achieve your goals. If you use WordPress, all the tools of email marketing integrate in a very similar way, so this is not going to be a condition to select one tool or another. You Can Also Read HOW TO EMAIL MARKETING TO SELL MORE In 2022.

Situation number 3. Do you want to do complex automation? If your email marketing strategy is based on capturing leads and doing simple email marketing, then a tool like Mailchimp is plenty enough. But if you want to get the most out of email marketing, then you want to go into detail with automation and get as much juice out of it as possible.

Email Marketing Strategy

In that case, I recommend three tools: GetResponse, Klaviyo, and Active Campaign. With any of the three, you can do powerful automation that is going to allow you, on the one hand, to add more value to your email list and on the other hand, eventually, get more sales. Let me ask you a question: Do you use automation today in your email marketing strategy?

If yes, please leave a comment below saying yes and if not, leave a comment below saying no. I am curious about what you do. Situation number four. Do you need to create landing pages? Email marketing tools today, offer much more than just sending emails: they have become, almost all of them, in what they define all-in-one marketing tools.

Now you can create landing pages directly from your email marketing without having to use another tool, which would mean more costs and complexity. If you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s just an independent web page that is created for a specific purpose. Usually, the purpose is to get a sale or generate leads.

Landing Page Using Your Email Marketing Tool

And since the traffic that reaches the landing page comes from ads on social networks or own email marketing or other marketing channels, these pages are called landing pages. The main feature is that there is no navigation of any kind, people just come to that page and find a single action to take: or subscribe to a newsletter, or download an ebook, or buy a product.

But there are no other options on that page. So if in your online business you are going to make strategies that need a landing page, ideally you should create that landing page using your email marketing tool and avoid using another tool. The fewer tools you have in your toolkit, the better: for complexity and prices.

The two best email marketing tools for landing pages are GetResponse and Mailchimp. that’s my experience. Neither Klaviyo nor Active Campaign allows you to create landing pages. And between GetResponse and Mailchimp, the winner without a doubt for me is GetResponse, mainly because of its auto funnel function.

Email Marketing Tool Is Capable Of Offering You Webinars

That is to say, GetResponse not only creates the landing page but creates the entire funnel associated with that landing page: sequence of emails and metrics in each of the stages. This does the creation of landing pages much easier. For example, the free course we offer To build your email list in 5 days, we have done it using GetResponse.

It has a landing page with an option, that is, with a subscription form, followed by automation over five days. Situation number five. Are you going to do webinars? If your digital strategy involves webinars, both free and paid, then your goal is not to use yet another tool but to make sure that your email marketing tool is capable of offering you webinars.

And here again, the clear winner is GetResponse. GetResponse offers the functionality of creating free webinars and paid webinars. All this is integrated with an email list that is created specifically for that webinar. What’s more, as we said before, it creates the entire funnel, with which you can have a sequence of emails.

A Little More About Email Marketing Tools

That you send to people who have signed up for your webinar, you can have it before doing the webinar with the information that you consider it necessary to send, then followed by another sequence of emails, a drip-email campaign once the webinar is completed. This can be used to offer all the people interested in your webinar service or a product that you offer, for example, a course on the topic that you just covered.

Think of all the situations that we’ve covered here and also think about where you want to be short with your business. That will give you a very good indication of which email tool is the best for your business. Now you know a little more about email marketing tools and which is the best for your business depending on the situation.