The best business schools in Spain to study an MBA according to Forbes

The ranking includes 15 business schools that stand out for the quality of their teaching. There are face-to-face, online, full-time and part-time programs with specializations in finance, human resources or digital business.

What are the best business schools in Spain to study an MBA? Magazine Forbes has responded to this question with a list that assesses the quality and excellence of the teaching of this type of program. As a result, 15 business schools make up this ranking with different MBAs.

To prepare the ranking, a questionnaire has been sent to business schools with more than 50 questions divided into six blocks, with the aim of measuring the quality of training. The criteria analyzed include access, price and accessibility; educational offer, quality of teaching and resources; research and innovation; employment prospects (in the case of the MBA, average salary obtained by former students five years after completing their studies and the existence of an association of alumni that promotes networking); level of internationalization and recognition.

A) Yes, The best universities in Spain to study an MBA in 2021 according to Forbes are:

1. ESIC Business and Marketing School
Your full-time MBA lasts 12 months and is taught in Spanish and English. It stands out for the qualification of the teaching staff, which has a double profile: that of an academic teacher with relevant professional experience and that of a teacher who teaches classes in parallel to his professional activity. As for employment prospects, the average salary of former MBA students is 70,000 euros per year.

2. Real Madrid University School-European University
The Master’s Degree in Management of Sports Entities MBA lasts 9 months and is taught in Spanish and English. In fact, 80% of the students in this program are international.

3. EU Business School
Its MBA has 11 specializations, such as finance, digital business or human resources; It is taught in English and offers the option online or face-to-face. Between 80% and 95% of its students are international, so labor mobility is high, as is their average salary, which is 90,000 euros per year.

4. Deusto Business School
His Executive MBA is taught part-time in Spanish and English. It stands out for its student learning experience, where more than 80% of the program’s teachers receive an excellent rating. 22% of the participants of its MBA achieve an average salary of 100,000 euros per year within five years of completing the program.

5. EOI-School of Industrial Organization
His Green Tech & MBA is taught in Spanish and offers the possibility of studying 100 hours in English. The average salary of former students in the following five years after finishing their studies is €60,000. The school also stands out for its social impact.

6. Carlos III University of Madrid
The MBA is taught in English and lasts 11 months. The program focuses on facing current challenges such as digitization, sustainability or internationalization. In addition, 90% of the students and 40% of the teachers are international.

7. EAE Business School
His Full Time MBA is taught in Spanish and English, and 93% of the students are international. The average salary of the graduates of the program is around 91,000 euros per year.

8. UNIR, the Internet University
Your MBA is 100% online and establishes access requirements, such as academic records or having some professional experience, among others. During the program the practical application of the acquired knowledge is promoted.

9.Galicia Business School
This MBA offers three itineraries: MBA, MBA Operations Management and Supply Chain Management; and MBA Direction and Human Resources Management. It has two calls, one from October to July, and another from January to December; and it has a full-time option for graduates without professional experience (to whom it offers paid internships in companies) and a part-time option for active professionals.

10. EUDE Business School
Your MBA is taught part-time for 12 months. The general profile of the students is
willing to create new business models and eager to promote innovative initiatives and ideas. 100% of the teaching staff are professionals active in the sector.

11. European Institute of Design-Barcelona
The Master in Design & Innovation in Design Management is taught full-time, and 90% of its students are international, as are 60% of the teachers. To promote networking, two annual trips are made to the great capitals of European design and a career forum event with companies in the sector.

12. PMM Enterprise & Business School
The Asset Management MBA lasts 12 months plus another four to finish the project. 100% of the teachers are active professionals, and the average salary of former students in 5 years after graduation exceeds 60,000 euros.

13. MFI Smart Education
The MBA is taught full time, and 80% of its professors are working professionals. His former students have developed projects such as Surgery Corp Estética SL, Hey! Music Events, Brandsen Tourgot or Fundeen Management, SL.

14. European Postgraduate Institute
The MBA with Emphasis in General Management is 100% online and is taught part-time. All the teachers are active professionals, and the School promotes entrepreneurship through a Business Ideas Simulator so that students can analyze the viability of their projects.

15.Gade Business School
Its Business Administration Finance Management is a full-time online training that promotes entrepreneurship among its students so that the creation of competitive companies.

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