The best and real offers of the Hot Sale this Monday

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From 0 am on Monday and until next Wednesday, an edition of the Hot Sale organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) will take place.

We start with some discounts and promotions to take advantage of:

nature offers discounts with coupons on its website, it also offers a 3×2, also special discounts through the app and more discounts on shipping

Samsung offers 20% off on the Galaxy S22 series

Sony offers in-ear headphones at a discounted price, through its store in Mercado Libre

Adidas offers the Showteway 2.0 model shoes reduced from 13,499 to 10,799

Juleriaque offers the fragrance Hugo Boss Just Different of 200 ml with a 50% discount

Of course offers the Galaxy Watch4 lowered from 39,999 to 29,999

Motorola offers his Moto G200 in up to 24 installments without interest

JetSMART, the low-cost airline that is going strong in America, also has its Smart Sale for three days. There are tranches announced from AR$ 2,899 final and 6 installments without interest.

Flybondi, announced the campaign “What you need does not make you happy”. Until June 5, they will have rates with up to 40% discount, to fly between the months of August and November to national and international destinations.

To consider

– Before the purchase, the consumer can verify that the web pages where he wants to buy are safe, and to identify them, the site address must start with

– In addition, because there are countless offers of goods and services circulating on the internet, it is very important to investigate previously, look for references, compare prices and the price/quality/quantity ratio, and, if possible, know the details of the seller or the company It gives greater security to the purchase and they serve to claim in case of having a problem.

– During the purchase process, it is important to read all the information in the publication, including the fine print.

– Due to the fact that during these dates it is usual that there are different types of promotions, it is recommended that if it says “Promotion valid until stock lasts” or “Limited quantities”, they have to inform the available units; if they offer a discount, the above price should be clarified; and in the case of 2×1, clarify the unit price.

– Companies have to clearly inform all the information about the shipment: who does it, what is the cost, what is the delivery time.

– At the time of payment, there can be no price differences between cash, debit and credit in a payment, and in case of making the payment by credit card, observe the available installment options, whether or not they have interest and what is the interest percentage.

– After making the purchase, the supplier must send the electronic invoice or proof of payment.

How to avoid scams

MercadoTrack is an independent service to track the prices of MercadoLibre publications and products, showing the respective variations in the form of a graph and information on each item over time so that you can make an intelligent and informed purchase.

Price History is responsible for searching and notifying you when there are offers. They collect historical prices of all products to ensure that they are indeed real offers.

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