The 6 best tablets of the last year

The tablets they have always been considered as hybrid devices. A bit large overall, but ideal for portable entertainment and entertainment, mainly thanks to the larger screen. For the same reason, they also offer more space for work needs or work projects. Ideally, if that tablets has stylus or digital pen and, of course, an always necessary keyboard.

Generally speaking, a good tablets could eventually replace a laptop, both in terms of versatility and portability as well as performance. It may not be as comfortable for certain tasks—such as typing or processing data—but for people working on tight budgets, a tablets (and its accessories) could very well save the day.

On the other hand, the multiplatform development of many video games means that the experience will be better used on a screen with a good refresh rate and to which, hopefully, you can connect controls. The tabletsIn this sense, they are a very interesting alternative, not only with games designed for Android or iOS, but also to access any other service that has video game libraries in the cloud.

In global terms, during the past year about 170 million devices were sent to stores by manufacturers around the world. In recent months, and with a 38% market share, Apple has maintained the world leadership with its iPads, followed much further behind by Samsung (16%), Lenovo (10%), Amazon (7.9%) and Huawei ( 5.5%). Sales, in relation to the most critical months of the pandemic, have decreased marginally, but one thing is still certain: people are still looking for tablets.

For those who think about acquiring one or renewing the one they have, here we review the most interesting devices that have appeared during the last year.

If there’s one thing Apple is definitely unbeatable with, it’s its iPads. Since its introduction in early 2010, the iPad—just as the iPhone did—revolutionized the way we interact with a larger screen and more features than a conventional cell phone. Something that Android took a long time, maybe too long to figure out. Thus, Apple is characterized by delivering new iterations of its iPads year after year, each time with better specifications and usage characteristics, with which they are nothing alike and stand out as unique devices next to any other tablets From the market.

Last year, the powerful Apple iPad Pro stood out as the best tablet of 2021, and entered this new year the company surprised with another iteration of its device, but this time in its brand new Air version, lighter and with several interesting features behind it. its successful appearance in 2020.

Always slim and elegant, with a stunning almost 11″ Liquid Retina display (2360 x 1640) and, above all, with Apple’s award-winning and powerful new native chip – the M1 – the performance of this fifth generation of iPads is optimal (60% more than the previous generation), the applications fly and the battery also lasts longer. A great detail: it has 5G connectivity.

It is interesting to consider that the Pro version for this year should not be much higher in specifications and features, so the iPad Air stands as perhaps the best tablets that we will see this year in terms of design, performance and portability. By the way, as usual with Apple, all accessories are sold separately (and can be quite expensive).

Samsung does not go with girls. Its Galaxy Tab series has always been a guarantee of design and performance, and this time they are no exception: with its S8 Ultra we are talking, and by far, of the tablets Largest and most powerful Android on the market.

Presented in February, it is its top-of-the-line model within the 2022 family, which also includes tablets something simpler. But the S8 Ultra turns heads. First for its aluminum casing with a 14.6″ super AMOLED screen (1848 x 2960), a latest generation Snapdragon processor, 5G connectivity, front camera with autofocus and automatic framing (regardless of whether the user moves, the camera follows them). ) and a giant 11,200 mAh battery, plus the stylus stylus —the S Pen— is included here.

Although we will soon see more products of this type, especially from Chinese manufacturers, it is clear that the power of Samsung as a manufacturer of the tablets most powerful on the market, at least on Android, sets the bar extremely high.

Personally, I think that Lenovo is the most daring manufacturer when it comes to innovating in its tablets. For the same reason, the Chinese manufacturer has a generous portfolio of different devices —perhaps more than the competition— that allows it to position itself as the brand with the most products available for the different needs of a user.

A few months ago we commented here on the virtues of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, one of the latest models of the brand, presented at the beginning of this year and that comes with everything you need to fulfill productivity tasks or simply to enjoy leisure time. One of its main virtues? It has a stand that allows you to stand it up or hang it on a wall. As far as I know, no other tablets is capable of doing that.

In addition to a large 2K (2160 x 1350) display with Dolby Vision, it packs four JBL speakers, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and a massive 10,000mAh battery. More oriented to entertainment and leisure, although it also allows a good dose of productivity, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 stands out for being the tablets most versatile and even entertaining on the market.

The Chinese giant, the first to successfully penetrate Western markets, may have had a major setback with the severe sanctions imposed by the US government. It is true, Google services are not present on their devices, but that does not mean that their devices maintain a top-of-the-line style, appearance and performance. And the Huawei MatePad Pro is a good example of that.

As the company expands into the development of laptops and computers, its tablets —especially its Pro model— begin to have a new essence. Of course, beyond all the possibilities of multitasking and leisure with a brilliant 10.8″ QHD (2560 x 1600) LCD screen —which includes four Harman-Kardon speakers and very good internal components in less than 500 grams—, Huawei bets mainly to portable productivity and multi-screen collaboration.

To get the most out of the MatePad Pro, you also need to purchase the keyboard/cover and M-Pencil (stylus) to draw on the screen. Although both are usually sold separately, luckily the brand is including them in a pack at no additional cost.

The international debut of the tablets of the other Chinese giant went somewhat unnoticed, but we are talking about a very good device that, as is tradition in Xiaomi, mixes features, characteristics and price excellently, as we already reviewed at the time.

The Pad 5 has an extremely attractive balance for the average user thanks to its WQHD + screen (1600 x 2560) with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a very good Snapdragon processor, an acceptable 8,720 mAh battery, 6GB of RAM, four speakers with Dolby Atmos and a good set of cameras.

It is a device of good design and performance and a great international debut for the brand, which makes it a very attractive alternative for those who wish to venture with something different from the traditional.

Amazon has been making its tablets Fire. And while they are usually more of a cheap alternative to the vast majority of what is on the market, the device has its details, especially for the public that likes to read.

The size of the device and its 10″ screen are very comfortable and light (less than half a kilo). And while its camera, storage, and internal features aren’t state-of-the-art, it does have a long-lasting battery and good battery life. performance that solves the low price.

Logically, the tablets It comes with several Amazon Prime services included, so if the idea is to have a good and cheap tablets for reading or watching series and movies, this could be the indicated option.

*The prices of the products in this article are updated as of May 10, 2022. Values ​​and their availability may change.

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