The 10 best offers of this week: notebooks, smartphones and dryers

This HP 14 notebook appears as a remnant of what last Cyberday left behind, interesting not only for its price —less than 300 thousand pesos!— but for its components: a reliable Intel I3 processor, a fast 256GB solid disk and also 16GB of Intel Optane memory, a new storage technology that further speeds up computational processes. Its only but would be the 4GB of RAM, but that can be expanded to 8GB without much cost. Regular price: $499,990.

We chose it as the best smart watch Last year’s Android, a throne on which it asserts itself even more with this wonderful price at Entel: less than $100,000. It is elegant, versatile, has a complete health monitoring set —including blood pressure, sleep cycles, stress, and electrocardiograms— and also physical activity, along with great resistance to water and dust. The offer, yes, is only valid for this pale pink color. Regular price: $169,990.

Are you looking for a big phone, with a good battery to watch series on the subway, but at a low cost? It seems to us that today there is no better alternative than the XIaomi Redmi 9A, a huge smartphone, with a 5000mAH battery – enough for two days of relaxed use and more than one with intense activity – and a very reliable performance. Its camera does not stand out, nor can its processor be required much, but to kill time watching streaming there is nothing cheaper. Regular price: $79,990.

Launched last year, these wireless earbuds from Samsung are extremely light — no more than five grams — and fit easily into your ears. They are small, more compact than their predecessors Buds Pro, and although their autonomy is not the best – they do not exceed five hours with noise cancellation activated – the case helps to give an extra dose of battery. With this offer from Paris they become the highlight in their value range. Regular price: $99,990.

The most frustrating thing about winter, more than colds, freezing nights or short days, is that clothes never dry. One, two, even three days waiting for sweatpants to lose moisture or jeans to stop feeling like you’re in a sauna. If there is room at home, salvation is called a dryer, a machine that uses a lot of light but at the same time brightens up our winter days with its industrial sound and its warm results. This Mabe model, which supports loads of up to 10 kg, is cheaper than ever in Leader. Previous price: $199,990.

Many people continue to mistrust microwaves, as if heating – let alone cooking – food in them is sacrilege or yet another sign of the decadence of our times. An undeserved bad reputation, since the device saves from trouble —parents know this well when they heat milk for their offspring— and also speeds up some processes (as we review here). Anyway, this Samsung model also has a grill, with which dishes can be au gratin or browned, giving it that sophistication that culinary snobs demand. Previous price: $149,990.

Temperatures have already dropped below zero in a large part of Chile and since only a minority have centralized heating systems —or even split air conditioning, something more accessible but still expensive—, for the rest there is no choice but to sleep with socks and sweater or make a bed warmer. Is it really convenient to have one between the sheets? The answer is not universal, but for cold people, this two-seater NEX model is in a very interesting offer. Previous price: $35,990.

This innovative Lenovo model was able to rank among the best tablets of last year. And we say it properly, since we tested it and we got a very good impression of its performance, although the highlight was its design, versatile and capable of being hung to use it as a monitor. Excellent as a second screen, good size to work with and great graphics performance. Previous price: $449,990.

The kettle is usually not the most decorous appliance in the kitchen. Almost always white —if it is clean—, most of the time in a corner, with damp spots on the outside and tartar on the inside, it is an appliance that is always used but never dignified. Galanz tries to reverse that with this retro model, in a more classy metallic green, and with a stainless steel exterior that gives elegance and withstands cracks. It won’t make your tea richer or your coffee more intense, but you can put it on the table with pride and personality. Regular price: $25,990.

Cast iron is one of the best materials for cooking. Although they take longer to heat up, at the same time they maintain the temperature better, conduct it more homogeneously and support it in greater quantity and longer. They can be placed on the burners, inside the oven and even on the coals of a barbecue, without damaging them or the food. The problem is that they are usually expensive, but this Magefesa line, which today is also at a discount at Leader, came to bring this noble metal closer to the public. Ideal for stews, meats or homemade breads. Previous price: $36,990.

*The prices of the products in this article are updated as of June 6, 2022. Values ​​and their availability may change.

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