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Public relations is transformed and with it, the skills of its professionals – PR News en Español

The public relations profession is one that currently demands more and more technical and business tools. A PR person who adds value to his brand or business understands that he must dominate other branches of marketing depending on the industry in which he is dedicated; It is true that not all skills are relevant for all profiles, but professionalizing the work makes a brand communication strategy relevant for C-level executives, board of directors and shareholders.

The Muck Rack company in its report called the «The State of PR 2021»revealed several key insights for the public relations industry, among the findings are:

  • 73% of public relations professionals believe that they do not believe that the term “public relations”, as defined today, describes the work they will be doing in 5 years.
  • Most public relations budgets increase (45%) or stay the same (50%). Only 5% of PR professionals’ budgets are shrinking.
  • Strategic planning is the most cited public relations skill essential for the future (88%), followed by media relations (78%), social networks (72%) and diversity, equity and inclusion ( 67%).

While automation with tools like MailChimp or Sender can help PR and brand communications experts reach a base of reporters, editors, and chief information officers, by itself, the technology is worthless. This type of professional must develop not only the ability to purge databases based on editorial analysis, but also the ability to plan in advance the informative offer of a brand with an informative sense and without losing the commercial cadence that executives, departments of sales and marketing. A challenge!

Another fact: 81% of public relations professionals use direct messaging tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to communicate on a daily basis, compared to 67% in 2020. This has required perfecting verbal and speech communication skills, to transmit clear and limited way, ideas, tactics and strategy. Public relations demands skills that maximize the demand for services depending on the industry. The fashion and textile industry demands professionals with the ability to design very high-quality graphic pieces that are probably not required by a semiconductor industry that will require the public relations professional to dominate technological issues.

Source: The State of PR 2021.

Finally, 84% of public relations agencies consider that the importance of the job will grow in the next 5 years. A revealing fact if we consider the aforementioned characteristics for the development of a prolific and productive career for the expert in brand communication or PR. The transformation of public relations is accompanied by the evolution of its experts.


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