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Programming, marketing, ecommerce and more: how to study for free

With a clear commitment to a sector in full expansion, the Larreta government is committed to training professionals from the most thriving industries

The growth of all industries is inextricably linked hand in hand with the technology and innovation. So much so that, regardless of the sector, all companies are interested in recruiting professionals computer scientists to develop your own digital transformation.

In this way, the continuous growth of technology consolidated this industry as one of the stronger in the Argentine labor marketboth in terms of salaries and demand for talent.

In this sense, the data who supplied to iProUP the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry (CESSI) are more than eloquent:

  • In 2004,formal jobs in IT companies to 20,000 seatsagainst the more than 125,000 current
  • The rate of expansion makes it possible to project a trend of about 500,000 positions for 2030
  • The average salary was $168,000 in the last record, more than double $80,000 on average from the private sector

Nevertheless, It is estimated that every year there are approximately 5,000 unfilled positions.

In this context, the City of Buenos Aires launched from its different ministries and secretariats a series of plans to impulse to the citizens to study careers and courses with job opportunities in this new market.

With programs that start from the integration of programming subjects in high school, until courses and tools for young people seeking a place in this sector, the Buenos Aires government is promoting a hotbed of professionals 4.0.

What are the free courses to learn programming in the City?

One of the main courses offered by the City Government is called “elbow to elbow 4.0“. It is an initiative of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education, through which a virtual course in Full Stack Programming. That is, the main languages ​​to create apps and websites.

“Our courses are intended for young people and adults seeking to develop professionally and personally, expanding your job opportunities according to the challenges posed by the 21st century”, they comment to iProUP from the Ministry.

The objective is to provide tools that facilitate labor insertion in the IT sector, and in particular, encourage women’s participationwith the purpose of improve your employability.

With a Free, virtual, 20-week courseparticipants learn in depth about one of the most sought-after jobs today, in addition to adding courses on Testing/QA, UX/UI Design and Big Data, other highly demanded disciplines. To register, you need:

  • THave a beginner level in programming
  • Possess knowledges essentials of English
  • yesYou are over 18 years old and have a high school degree

Likewise, the Buenos Aires government offers a mentoring program referents who accompany students of the Program for promoting female participation in the sector and facilitating their employment opportunities.

On the other hand, for those who seek to venture into and deepen their knowledge, the City developed, through the Learning Agency, a Higher Technician in Software Development.

“This career, developed jointly with the IT sector, seeks to respond to the needs of an expanding market, forming highly qualified professionals to occupy the positions demanded by the industry”, they explain from the Ministry.

The positions linked to IT are the most required in the market

The positions linked to IT are the most required in the market

In this case, Being a technical degree, it lasts two and a half years, has mixed course (virtual and face-to-face) and offers a Official title. You only need to have ID (or certificate of initiation of processing) and full secondary.

What does the City offer to train in Technology and Video Games?

In addition to the courses mentioned, the Buenos Aires government is exploring the training of professionals from other disciplines. For example, launched in the framework of future city (CABA’s first artificial intelligence plan) a Experience of Artificial intelligence.

“Through this initiative, citizens can learn about the basic conceptsits processes, developments, application scenarios and, at the same time, familiarize yourself with key technologies of the area”, they assure from the Secretariat of Innovation and Digital Transformation

From the dependency they add that “the proposed route allows us to understand Artificial Intelligence as a complex phenomenon, but that not limited to a technical dimension, but it implies economic, cultural and professional changes“.

The proposal is 100% virtual, free and self-assistedso that each person can organize their course according to their times, through an autonomous route to access the materials and carry out the activities. In addition, it is only required to be over 16 years old to be able to do it.

As video games are part of this wave of transformation 4.0, the GCBA has a specialization in video game programming for those who complete the Programmer’s Professional Training Course. They provide the necessary tools and techniques to design, fully create a game.

One of the main characteristics of industry 4.0 is the ability to incorporate self-taught knowledge. Recognizing this trend, government offers accreditation of knowledgeregardless of the form they have acquired.

“This initiative aims to improve employment opportunities and/or complete training in the educational system“, they comment from the education portfolio. Finally, from the GCBA they advance to iProUP who are planning the launch of a new career in data science for the second quarter of this year.

What courses does the City offer for non-programmers?

The Industry 4.0 sector goes beyond programmers. For this reason, the Ministry of Economic Development and Production has different employability programs in digital matters of the City: these are free proposals that aim to develop job skills Already enhance the chances of getting worked.

“We want young people to choose their path, to dedicate themselves to something that they like, that they are passionate about and that motivates them to grow”, he confides to iProUP José Luis Giusti, Minister of Economic Development and Production of Buenos Aires.

In this sense, the official highlights: “From the City we work to provide young people with more tools that allow them to enhance their knowledge, strengthen their employability conditions, access various job opportunities and, in this way, become future leaders.”

Next, An overview of these initiatives:

1. Go digital

It is a program of free courses theoretical-practical that trains young people in digital marketing Y electronic commerce so that they can then apply the knowledge acquired in the digitization of small companies Y business.

“Help young people improve their employability conditions and connect them with Pymes and shops neighborhoods to achieve their digital transformation”, they comment from the Ministry. The next edition will start in may.

can participate people from between 16 and 35 years old who seek to develop their digital vocation. Within the training instance, they dictate virtual and free courses aimed at those who want to develop tools related to digital marketing and e-commerce.

In turn, issues of andcommerce and tools that allow take advantage of the advantages of online sales channels available and the different forms of reach the customer desired with the correct use of social networks and efficient investment in the search engines.

  • Among the topics it addresses are:
  • Ppersonal branking: elevator pitch and sstorytelling
  • Mercado Libre: advertising and account launch
  • Social media, padvertising on facebook, WhatsappBusiness
  • Google My Business and Google Ads
  • Analysis of metrics and email marketing

two. Digitize +

The first edition began on April 11 and had more than 12,000 subscribers. Its objective is to develop the digital vocation of the participants so that they can then apply the knowledge acquired advising a Pyme of the City in its digital transformation. The second edition will be held in July.

It has a total duration of five weeks and consists of 10 virtual and free meetings of 2 hours each one, which are carried out together with Free market and the School of Economics from the UBA. Participants will have the possibility to choose the specialization in digital marketing or e-commerce.

The City's courses are aimed at both those just starting out and those

The City’s courses are aimed at both those who are just starting out and those who wish to update themselves

The program offers a work experience to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the courses. In this sense, look for accompany SMEs Buenos Aires on the path of modernization and innovation until reaching the digital transformation that allows them to adapt to changes and boost their sales.

3. BA Undertake Academy

It is program of free and open training that promote the use and incorporation of entrepreneurial skillsdigital tools management, leadership and innovationwhich contribute to creating, developing and promoting projects.

They are presented in two modalities: courses synchronous either asynchronous, that is, you can attend the classes live or watch the recordings at the time of day that the user wants. Topics covered are entrepreneurial path, personal development, data and analytics, business development Y technology for startups.

can participate over 18 years that live, work or study in the City of Buenos Aires and who want to enter the entrepreneurial world, improve or enhance their project or need to validate a business idea. Courses start the first week of May.

Four. Diploma in Digital Transformation for PYmonth

This career provides SMEs with knowledge of digital marketing ecomMercyyesstorytelling Y branding, among others. It is training in digital transformation, small business management and sustainability, with a gender perspective. The cycle takes place on days Wednesday throughout 9 months.

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