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Performance Lab, the new WordPress plugin to improve your performance

the plugin Performance Lab It began to be created in November 2021, and we already have the first version ready on so that we can install it on our site, searching for it in the WordPress panel or uploading the previously downloaded file.

The idea is to include future performance optimizations in the core of WordPress, but in this first version it already has several advantages, mainly those related to the use of WebP images.

The Performance Lab plugin is a set of modules that aim to improve performance in WordPress, a collection of performance-related projects for WordPress core, thus offering more than just classic WordPress performance plugins.

Function projects have always been implemented as separate function plugins. The Performance Lab plugin provides a centralized location for performance related features that will eventually be merged into WordPress core.

It is so a test plugin for features that may be built into WordPress core in the future.

The plugin’s performance modules can be individually enabled in the plugin settings screen, so that they can be tested in isolation or in combination. For developers, it also reduces maintenance and encourages collaboration between them.

This initial version of the Performance Lab plugin (1.0.0-beta.1) comes with the following modules:

– WebP uploads: Create WebP versions for new JPEG image uploads if supported by the server.
– WebP Support: Adds a WebP support check to the site health status.
– Lingering Object Cache Health Check – Adds a lingering object cache check for sites with non-trivial amounts of data in the site health state.
– Audit queued assets (experimental): Adds a CSS and JS resource check on the site health status.

A big step to make WordPress more competitive in this category.


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