New Updated Marketing Trends 2022

New Updated Marketing Trends 2022
New Updated Marketing Trends 2022

Introduction Of New Updated Marketing Trends 2022

New Updated Marketing Trends 2022. What a company tries to achieve through traditional marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing, is: Safeguard the value of the brand and reduce risks Improve customer perception Improve the competitive advantages of the brand Improve the customer experience.

Increase The Presence Of The Brand In The Markets

Increase the retention of customers Increase conversions (leads, purchases, questions about products, increase contacts in the database, new subs on YouTube, followers on social networks ..) Increase the presence of the brand in the markets And above all, Increase the acquisition of new customers, which is the base on which the entire business is based.

Macro trends that will be present in 2022 In recent years, a series of macro trends have been observed, which reveal what marketing will be like in 2022. There is an evolutionary demographic change: which has made consumer behavior have been transformed totally in recent years. For example .. – With the increase in technology, attention span has decreased.

The possibility of attracting attention has been reduced from 13 seconds in 2000 to only 3 seconds today. This has an impact on the way of elaborating the message, the way of communicating and the medium or medium of transmission of the message … To this must be added that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Content Marketing Has Become “Sales Through Content”

And 90 percent of the information is transmitted to the brain visually. This explains the extraordinary impact of Short videos on social networks (TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, or Snapchat Spotlight) in recent years. But there are more macro variables, such as – Generation Z has gained positions and with them micro-influencers and proliferation of neo celebrities (in some cases, those boys or girls who talk, sing or dance from their homes with a smartphone and a ring of light).

Content Marketing has become “Sales through Content”. The content was always essential support in the sales process, but now it is a commercial tool. And the most relevant companies seek to be Thought Authorities, references, or leaders in their specific segment, rather than sellers of products or services. – And another macro variable is telling us that these are times of transparency and empathy. You Can Also Read Project Management Software 100% FREE.

And that the concepts of non-discrimination, ecology, the biological or healthy of the product, packaging, advertising, and throughout the entire value chain are clear success factors. And that in 2022 the consumer will have an even more amplified voice, through user-generated content, comments, and opinions, feelings, reactions of approval or rejection, which will benefit or harm your brand.

1. Video Marketing Cisco predicted that by 2022

Top Marketing Trends in 2022 1. Video Marketing Cisco predicted that by 2022, video content will account for 82% of total internet traffic. Google, more moderate, estimates 80% of video traffic in 2025. In any case, the majority of content on the Internet will be video, in multiple formats. Before I commented on the importance of the image in the message.

I add: it triggers Visual Marketing and Video Marketing and all their subcategories. The trend of video marketing in 2022 is that the increase of Vlogs continues they are YouTubers who tell their viewers about their daily routine, activities, way of life increase of Live Streaming. The interview with an iPhone of the.

Sports Streamer, Iban Llanos to Messi, as the only Spanish journalist, in his presentation at Paris Saint Germain, marked a milestone, opened a debate with traditional journalism, and closed ranks around the value of agility and immediacy of information. There are also e-commerce platforms like Amazon Live and Taobao that offer their live streaming capabilities.

Video Marketing Techniques Through The Sales Funnel

A boost is expected in Video Interviews Video Tutorials Educational Video Short from social networks Webinars Video Product presentation Product review or Reviews and Unboxing Testimonials Animation Content generated by the user Contests / Giveaways Personalized videos and ephemeral content, such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat Snaps.

Which is a type of visual content accessible only for 24 hours, which generates urgency to consume it. In marketing campaigns, these platforms allow immediate interaction between the brand and the customer, which helps your brand reach target audiences faster and build trust. In 2022 the refinement of video marketing techniques through the Sales Funnel will be highlighted.

TOFU stage Corporate videos/brand promotion Educational videos Lifestyle videos Problem-solving videos MOFU stage Videos about the benefits of the product Tips and tricks about the product or service Instructions for use and how it works BOFU Stage Webinars User Testimonials Case Studies Videos of Product Demos – And This Online trend, it can be integrated with the physical world, for example.

Authenticity is a Rising Value in Marketing 2022

Live TV at a physical or online Point of Sale, from a supermarket or specialized store. The German company Tierwohl installs cameras in animal farms. To show in streaming, to the customers of the supermarkets, how the animals live and what they eat, whose meat, milk or eggs are being sold in those points of sale.

This technique helps farmers communicate their commitment to animal welfare. And it creates transparency, builds customer trust, and promotes an understanding that prices are reasonable. Many consumers are willing to pay a higher price for cheese, eggs, meat, and sausages in exchange for better aging and product excellence. 2. Authenticity is a Rising Value in Marketing 2022.

Today consumers are being bombarded with messages on the internet, on television, and when your home phone rings, you already know that it is spam, it outrages you and you put that mark on your blacklist forever. The consumer can smell misleading advertising, miles away. You no longer have patience with spam and its substitutes.

The End of Cookies, Welcome CRM! Privacy is essential

Authenticity is aligning marketing efforts with the core values of the brand. Inform about the form of production, transparent prices, and reach the customer in a non-invasive way. 3. The End of Cookies, Welcome CRM! Privacy is essential, but the Consent of Cookies is an obstacle in the user experience and a disaster for content and online business.

A solution must be found. Meanwhile … Google announced that it will stop supporting third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2023. Apple is heading in the same direction. Tracking users through cookies is essential for advertisers and businesses. And your company should start right now to appropriate its audience.

Collect data through forms, surveys, gamification, chatbots, or any interaction between the consumer, with careful implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union in the case of Spain, of the Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals in Mexico, or the data protection law in force in your country. And this is one of the reasons why in 2022 CRM software becomes an essential tool for digital marketing.

Marketing Automation as a Transit to Automation

4. Marketing Automation as a Transit to Automation of Conversation The year 2022 is presented as the year of adoption of data-driven marketing. Marketing automation in digital marketing strategies will spread to more sectors and industries, adding efficiency and effectiveness thanks to the automation of workflows and repetitive tasks of little value. Also.

It will allow you to create consumer profiles and nurture them in the sales funnel. .. segment content based on audiences and track everything they do on your website and on social media, which will help you personalize the message, the offer, etc. In other words, go from marketing automation to conversation automation to build stronger relationships with your customers and learn more about them.

5. 2022 Nor will it be the Year of the End of Influences, but Artificial Intelligence Will Help Improve Although the end of influencers is announced every year, this marketing tactic continues to grow at a rate of approximately 20% / year. There have been changes because the micro-influencers modality has become the one with the best results and ROI.

They generate trust and credibility – They connect very well with brands and products – They have and generate relevant audiences – They generate loyalty and positive affinity with the brand – And they generate the desire in the prospect to act in the direction that the brand seeks.