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In my last columns I have written about strategies to become a network marketer, and this time I wanted to write about how networking can be used to do business. For this I will share about a venture in which I am involved. It emerged at the beginning of May, when we opened the Roadhouse restaurant, located at kilometer 20 of the highway to El Salvador. It was born and developed thanks to the implementation of networking. First example: Get out of your comfort zone and participate in different groups, associations and network in all of them. At the end of the 90s I participated in a retreat of the emproistas catholic group (EPJ), there I had the opportunity to meet Óscar Anaya, with whom we have maintained a friendship ever since. He studied and graduated as a chef, I liked him a lot go to his restaurants continuously because he enjoyed his food so much. I took clients, friends and family. Second example: a principle of networking is applied here: “win by giving”, since I was a regular consumer and promoter of his cuisine.

In 2018, when the BNI (Business network international) franchise began in Guatemala, I invited him to become a member, and he did not hesitate to be part of the first chapter, because of the trust he felt towards me. At BNI we meet once a week to network, we use the VCP model: generate Visibility and gain Credibility before trying to obtain Profitability; therefore, every Tuesday for the last three years I have learned more about the work of this great chef and his excellent cuisine. He, in turn, already knew my work in marketing. This in networking is called “building relationships. “Here is a third example of networking to do business. This year the opportunity arose to have a place that had the ideal characteristics to open a restaurant and the first name that came to my head was chef Anaya. I invited him to see the place so that, based on his experience, he could evaluate its potential. In turn, Óscar invited a third partner, the engineer Carlos Corzo Melgar, who, with his experience in construction, has contributed a lot to the project. The construction of the restaurant has been a great adventure, but we did not have to use a search engine to find suppliers, since we had all the ones we needed through the networking network of the three partners, there were contacts in the beverage industry, banks , construction, maintenance, food, videos, photography, fumigation, music, uniforms, signage and others. This is where a fourth example of networking comes in, having an organized and updated database for when it is necessary to search for contacts like the ones on this list.

Another important factor has been the personal brand and, in this case, chef Óscar Anaya has built and developed it with the quality of his cuisine. In addition, he is an important generator of content on his social networks and traditional media, as he is also part of the team of chefs of the Guatevisión program Viva la Mañana. He is a reference in written media and well recognized among his guild. All this has allowed him to have followers who enjoy his dishes. This becomes an important asset for the business. Therefore, dear reader, get an idea of ​​the importance of building your personal brand because it brings tangible benefits. In business, the initial phase is the most difficult part because nobody knows the place, the product, and you have to invest heavily in advertising so that people visit the establishment. However, this becomes easier when you have a network of contacts and solid networking, and the three partners have it.

We have invited our friends and contacts, we have posted on our networks and everything has made it possible for the balance of the first to be positive. Entrepreneurship is a tough challenge, but the networking is in a powerful tool that makes it easy. I conclude with this phrase that I said in the closing class to my university students: the best time to build a network of networking it is today that you are sitting in this classroom because luck does not exist, success is being prepared for when opportunities appear.

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