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Meet the best cheap VPS hosted in Spain

When we hire a VPS, we are paying for a specific hardware, both in processor cores, dedicated RAM, storage (disk) space, and also because of limited bandwidth. Depending on our needs and what we are going to use the VPS for, we will have to buy the cheapest versions with very limited hardware, or buy higher versions with better hardware and more available bandwidth.

Why is it necessary for the VPS to be hosted in Spain

If we are physically in Spain, it is very It is recommended that the VPS be hosted in Spain due to the latency of the connections. If we hire a VPS abroad, all the traffic must go through many intermediate routers, depending on the route of the packets, we may have a higher or lower latency, but it will always be higher than if we hire a VPS server in Spain. The delays experienced by a data packet from the time it leaves the source until it reaches the destination are as follows:

  • processing delay: how long it takes for a router to check the packet header and route it.
  • queue delay: wait for the packet to be transmitted through the link, if there is congestion in the network, the queuing delay will increase and could even drop packets. The fewer hops we have from the origin to the VPS server, the better, to avoid different queue delays for each intermediate node.
  • transmission delay: is how long it takes for the packet to reach the next node or final equipment, the fewer “hops” we have, the better.
  • propagation delay: time it takes for a bit to propagate from the source to the destination. The speed depends on the physical medium (twisted pair, coaxial or fiber optic), always being less than or equal to the speed of light. If we have a VPS located in the US, this delay increases considerably because it has to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The overall delay of a packet is the sum of the previous four delays.

As you have seen, if we have a VPS in Spain, with very few hops between routers from our origin, and that is geographically close to us, such as in Madrid, the latency of the connection will be really low, around 10 ms. If we contract the same VPS server in France, the latency increases to approximately 50-70ms, depending on the path followed by the packets. And if, for example, we hire it in the US, the connection latency will exceed approximately 120 ms.

Actions carried out by the hosting itself in the VPS

Although when contracting a VPS we are the administrators and we can decide which operating system to install, and even which programs to install, there are certain actions that are carried out by the hosting, therefore, we should not worry about it:

  • Data backups: being a VPS, the hosting itself makes encrypted backup copies and stores them safely in another physical location, however, our recommendation is that you also make remote backup copies of all the content of your VPS server. Of course, at a low level we have all the storage on disks configured in RAID, with the aim that if one of the disks fails, the entire system continues to function correctly until it is replaced by a new one, and in this way, not lose no data.
  • 24 x 7 VPS monitoring: although we ourselves can configure different software for monitoring the VPS, either in another VPS from the same hosting company or from another company, the hosting staff will be in charge of monitoring the proper functioning of the VPS so that the client does not have any problems. issue. This monitoring is carried out continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, they normally make a console available to clients, in this console we will be able to see if there is any type of failure in the specified VPS, in addition, if there is a hardware failure, they will be in charge of solving it so that the client does not notice absolutely no interruption in service.
  • Anti-DDoS security systems: the hosting itself has protection systems against denial of service attacks, if we are going to host a website in the VPS, we can have the protection of being under a DDoS attack mitigation system. This service can be free or paid for by the hosting, it is usually free on a one-off basis (for specific attacks), but it could also be paid if we want continued protection.

A VPS server is the ideal solution for any user who needs to deploy a more complete project than a simple website with its corresponding shared or dedicated hosting, thanks to the possibility of choosing the operating system, the web server, the database management system and all the software, we will have a great configurability.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge, you can also opt for a managed VPS. This type of VPS incorporates a cPanel Admin license to easily and quickly manage the VPS, in addition, you can create up to 5 cPanel accounts easily and quickly. Other features of this cPanel is that it includes the JetBackup license to make daily, weekly or monthly backup copies of each cPanel account.

If you want to perform a specific action, you can always ask the hosting staff to help you with a specific configuration. In the specific case of this Ginernet managed VPS, you can also choose to install LiteSpeed ​​to speed up website performance, and even install CloudLinux.

You can contract VPS with Windows operating system

Although hiring a VPS server is synonymous with installing a Linux operating systemyou will always be able to install a Windows operating system if that is what you really need, for example this Windows VPS It could serve you perfectly for your projects with the Microsoft operating system. You will be able to install all the programs you want from your PC at home, entering remotely through the Windows RDP remote desktop, thanks to the Windows remote desktop, you will be able to connect to the VPS desktop quickly and safely, since the communications are encrypted , therefore, you will be able to work on the server just as if you were working on your home or office PC.

These VPS servers also include a free IPv4 address, and an IPv6 /48 network to use IPv6 connectivity, in addition, we will have weekly backups as usual, the possibility of configuring snapshots to go back whenever you want and much more. Some very typical uses that can be made with these Windows VPS, with Torrent downloads in an easy and fast way without the need to configure a Torrent client in Linux that is more complicated, you can also trade Forex without any type of limitation.

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