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Mediapost studies the relationship between Spanish and your home

The Spanish households where most projects are carried out are those with a garden or patio, in which their residents have lived for less than 2 years, are under 35 years of age and several people live together (and at least one of them is a child).

89% of Spaniards acknowledge that they have undertaken projects to update their home in the last 6 months, with an average of 3.6 projects. Of them, almost half say that these projects have been related to changes in furniture and decoration, followed by the renovation of household appliances, with 35%. Gardening and DIY work is next, with 32%. These are some of the conclusions of the I Study The Spaniards and their housing made by media post via ISOSKELE, subsidiary of the La Poste group (France). In the case of France, the percentage of those who have undertaken a project in recent months drops to 86%, with an average of 3.2, and is mainly related to gardening and DIY (42%) and reforms ( 32%).

In fact, 55% of Spaniards consider that, in difficult times, having projects to update the home is a good way to motivate themselves, while 53% say that it helps to strengthen relationships with family and friends. So much so, that Mediapost assures that more than 60% of Spaniardss ensures that you want to undertake these projects, while in France 43% He does them out of necessity or obligation.

It follows from this study that 90% of these updating projects carried out by Spaniards are discussed and decided at home, mainly during meals, and 60% of Spaniards recognize that, in addition, it is in the home where they arise.

In this sense, the household profile Where more renovation projects are carried out, according to Mediapost, are those with a garden or patio, in which their residents have lived for less than 2 years, are under 35 years of age and several people live together (and at least one of them is a child). On the contrary, the Spanish household profile in which fewer projects are carried out is the one in which people over 35 years of age reside, who live alone and do not have outdoor space.

The opinion of our environment, key when it comes to renovating the home

As part of the project, 91% of Spaniards state that search informationcompared to 8 out of 10 French people who also do it. In this sense, 75% of the Spanish respondents acknowledge that they have consulted prices and promotions, while 56% claim to have searched for information on the characteristics of the products or services and half claim to have consulted advice, opinions and experiences. Prices and promotions are also the most consulted by the French, with 64%, followed by the characteristics of products and services and opinions and experiences, both with 38%. In this sense, Internet is the main source of information, which is used by 34% of Spaniards, followed by digital catalogs (28%) and the paper catalogs (16%).

Mediapost assures that undertaking a project generates doubts and we Spaniards turn to the closest environment to find out their opinion. 65% of the people consulted who live with other people assure that before starting a project they consult their spouse, while 42% do so with their family and friends. For their part, 8 out of 10 Spanish people who live alone recognize that they consult it mainly with their closest environment.

Also, 35% take into account the recommendations of professionals and 30%, those of other consumers. In the case of France, Mediapost states that 34% of consumers say they trust the recommendations from friends and family and 24% in that of professionals and sellers.

At this moment, more than half of Spaniards assure that they use the brand communications to discuss the project. Mediapost establishes, in order of importance, that Internet advertising stands out (40%), digital catalogs (38%), paper catalogs (19%), television advertising (17%) and advertising in magazines and newspapers (15%).

Digital, paper and Internet catalogues, sources of information and means of inspiration

The digital catalogs and the advertising on the Internet are the means that most inspire and inform Spaniards to purchase items for their renovation project. They are followed by paper catalogs, television advertising and emails sent by a brand. In contrast, the French say that recommendations from friends and family, recommendations from professionals and vendors, and paper catalogs are the most inspiring and informative channels. Asked about the media that most favor the discussion and consultation with the environment when starting a project, in Spain, digital catalogs and internet advertising are once again in the top positions, while in France, recommendations from friends and family and paper catalogs stand out.

Mediapost has asked about the interest in brands using certain means of communication to transmit information, 29% of Spaniards opt for digital catalogs, followed by internet advertising (20%) and paper catalogs (17%).

Gardening and DIY, the projects that require the most effort

Regarding the effort that must be made to carry out the home renovation project, the Spaniards give it a rating of 7.4, being the works of gardening and DIY those that need more effort (7.6), followed by services (7.5) and real estate (7.4). However, performing them is associated with positive feelings for 9 out of 10 Spaniards, 3 points less than in the case of the French.

It’s time to make purchases, half of the Spanish and French claim to have bought what is necessary for their project in a physical store, although 85% of Spaniards declare that they buy the same or more on the Internet than before the health crisis, a figure below the 92% of French people who say so.

Home, a haven to relax for the Spanish

Spaniards feel comfortable at homeas can be deduced from the assessment they make of their well-being at home, with an average grade of 7.9. Above this average are: owners (8.1), residents with single-family homes (8.1), those with a garden (8.1) and those who have lived in the home for at least 5 years (8) . On the contrary, those who feel least comfortable are those who live in rent (7.5), residents in apartments (7.8), those who do not have outdoor space (7.7) and those who have lived for less 5 years in the house (7.7).

For almost 8 out of 10 Spaniards, housing has become a shelter and a place to relax and recharge batteries; in addition to a space to dialogue with the other members of the household (74%) and that contributes to balance and personal development (69%). In this sense, more than half of Spaniards admit to feeling more comfortable at home since the health crisis, which has strengthened the link with housing. A figure well above the neighboring country, where only 1 in 5 French people has this feeling.

Asked about his favorite activity when they are at home, 82% of Spaniards recognize that they like watch television, series or movies. Following are: resting (76%), surfing the Internet and social networks (67%), reading (66%), listening to music (64%) and, finally, spending time with family and friends ( 63%).

The living room it is the favorite room of 41% of Spaniards, as well as being the preferred place to talk about home renovation projects (55%). Next comes the bedroom (22%), the terrace or balcony (10%), the garden or patio (7%), the dining room (7%), the office (6%) and the kitchen (5%). .

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