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The technological giant Apple presented the new operating system for computers: macOs Ventura. The update was released at WWDC 2022 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022), one of its biggest events in the industry.

With this, he plans to provide tools so that users can be “more productive, collaborate without leaving their favorite apps and enjoy next-generation games.”

According to the company, It will be available starting in September and October on all supported MacBooks. Also, upgrading to the latest edition will be free of charge; will be free.

Which computers will receive the new macOS Ventura?

Not all MackBooks will be able to improve their graphics and performance. Only the most recent models of the apple company will do it. Here is the list of compatible devices:

iMac: Desktops manufactured in 2017 and later.

iMacPro: 2017 version.

MacBook Air: The line of laptops manufactured in 2018 and later.

macbook pro
: Laptops with more advanced features that were manufactured in 2017 and later.

mac pro
: The desktop manufactured in 2019 and later.

: Slimline desktop computer manufactured in 2018 and later.

: Line of laptops that were manufactured in 2017 and later.

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so things, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook models from years prior to 2017 will not receive the macOS Ventura update. Neither will MacBook Air and Mac mini from before 2018 and Mac Pros made before 2019.

How do you know what year your Mac computer was manufactured?

The easiest way to find out, according to Apple, is to click the apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. There will appear the option ‘About this Mac’, in which the year of the model and the operating system that it currently has will be indicated.

What news does macOS Ventura bring?

According to specialized portals, It is not a redesign or visual change in the operating system, since it maintains some styles of its predecessor, macOS Monterey.

However, there are new features such as the Stage Manager that will allow the apps and windows to be grouped in the side bar of the computer in a simpler way so that the user “passes from one task to another without losing concentration”.

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Video game lovers will have Metal 3, the graphics engine that will give them greater performance in programs so that their experience adjusts to current demands. In line with this announcement, Apple added that the games ‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘Resident Evil: Village’ will be coming to Mac with the update.

Among the dozens of tools there is another very striking one: continuity camera. It will be an integration of the iPhone and Mac cameras. You only have to bring your cell phone closer to the computer, without connecting the devices, and it will use the mobile camera to record videos, take photos or, for example, attend video calls.

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