Is it cheaper to build or buy a gaming PC in 2022?

Hello! I have posted here before on a number of topics, I think the last one was about budget gaming laptops and was a while ago. I’ve since had a change of mind of things, and have changed my opinion on building computers and getting a new desktop.


While I still am very fond of laptops and would like a gaming one, the consensus is from various of my PC-buddies is that gaming laptops are expensive, for the low-quality hardware compared to a desktop gaming computer.

I don’t know anything about comparing computer specs, I have always been exclusively a console gamer, so I try to get as many opinions from as many people as possible.

With the upcoming release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, its going to be for next gen consoles only. Meaning I won’t be able to play it on my PS4. Playstation 5’s are still impossible to find outside of scalpers, so my only options are a gaming PC or a Xbox series X(which I might still go with depending on the price/budget I have at the time…)


I am very interested in trying to build my own. I think it would be very exciting to do! However my problem is budget. I have done googling and apparently there’s some kind of PC-building-hardware shortage? something about pandemic-restrictions and restocks. I don’t know what this is related too or if it is still happening, but I keep finding articles and people talking about scalpers marking up PC hardware parts.


So…is it cheaper to build or buy a gaming PC in 2022?


As I mentioned, I have no computer experience, hence why I’m here for people with PC knowledge to help. What’s the budget/price for building your own PC roughly?


I am not sure how to compare specs. I want to run modern games. My list isn’t long as II only play mostly old PC games from my childhood.

I want to run: Resident Evil 2(remake), Resident Evil 3(remake) Resident Evil Village and of course the Resident Evil 4 remake when it comes out. I am looking to build, or buy a PC that can run these.


My only requirements is that it be Windows 10(I am fond of 10), and that the graphics can be run smoothly on bare minimum medium. I am not picky with graphics, but I’d really like medium(lowest) or high to ultra would be really nice.



You can view the system requirements for Village here on the steam page, this is what I am looking for as a baseline for a gaming PC.I have picked out a few gaming PCS in my budget range. I am possibly willing to go higher, but I have a limit.


My budget would possibly be 500-800$. Not sure if this is possible for buying a competent gaming PC? I think building one would cost more. Someone told me you could get a competent gaming PC for 300$ but I have my doubts

Is it true pre-built gaming PCs are lower quality than built ones? I read somewhere they use bulk-made hardware compared to individual pieces.



I really like this one. It is in my budget.








Does anyone know if any of the ones I linked are capable of running RE Village at (bare minimum) medium quality smoothly, or high/ultra based on the specs? am I better off building my own? Is 300-800$ really not possible to get a competent gaming PC?


Thanks for everyone’s time and help!:)



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