iOS 16 needs to fix this small (big) problem with WhatsApp and AirPods

You may have thought that it was a problem with your iPhone. Or your AirPods. Or any other thing. But not. The truth is that the combination of record WhatsApp audio with AirPods results in poor quality audio. This is why we are asking Apple to fix it with iOS 16. Or at least make it easier for developers to squeeze quality out of AirPods.

WhatsApp and AirPods audios: like underwater

WhatsApp audios are a way to communicate more within this app, which it is almost a universal standard between users. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but the numbers don’t lie: people send more than 7 billion voice messages on WhatsApp every day. Hence, it is important to have the highest possible quality on the iPhone.

What Guillermo Lomener tells here makes perfect sense. If you’re using AirPods to listen to music, a podcast or watch a video, if you want to send an audio from WhatsApp you will have to take them off or disable bluetooth. The reason is none other than the quality of the audio that we have as a result, which gives the sensation of having been recorded “underwater”.

The quality of WhatsApp audio recorded with AirPods contrasts with the high quality of phone calls

For this reason and before the imminence of WWDC 2022 where we will see iOS 16 and other new generation operating systems, is a request that comes just in time. Improving the quality of the audio recorded with the AirPods would polish an already pretty good experience, especially on phone calls with these headphones.

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we already know that WhatsApp is not the company that adopts the news the fastest on this side of the App Store. It took some time to add the dark mode and we are still waiting for an iPad and Apple Watch version. For this reason, the best thing would be for Apple to lend a hand by simplifying the necessary changes in WhatsApp as much as possible.

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