Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship

Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship
Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship

Introduction Of Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship

Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship. Those who had the worst results considered that they were above 62% of the rest but this yes It has caught my attention and the conclusions are devastating and come to say that incompetent individuals tend to overvalue their abilities, also that incompetent individuals tend not to value the abilities of others and finally.

The Impostor Syndrome Is Basically A Lack Of Self-Confidence

That incompetent individual is unable to recognize that they are incompetent I’m not a psychologist per or I can talk about the impostor syndrome from my point of view and my personal experience for me the impostor syndrome is basically a lack of self-confidence because validation is sought in other people surely you have friends like me who have tried to undertake something.

When they are happy with their work or they are not happy with their situation and do not dare to undertake something to change their life simply because of what others say, either to close people or to distant people and specifically the impostor syndrome that is to think that you are worse than the rest and therefore that.

It is not worth starting something to start a business because you are going to do it worse than others and if you have started the best at some point you ask yourself if the results you are obtaining are worse than what they should be then there you think that maybe they are bad because you are not worth etcetera and as.

The Impostor Syndrome Means An Imbalance

I see it, it is two spheres, two worlds put On a scale, I don’t know if you remember those old scales with two large plates where you put an object on one side and then on the other, depending on the weight, it would go up or down well, as I see it here, in one of the parts of the scale you have your world How do you perceive yourself and on the other side are the opinions of third parties.

That is, people who are not you and within this world of opinions of third parties, these people close to you, relatives, your partner, friends and distant people, comments on social networks, for example then the circle you how you are how you feel tries to know yourself but to know yourself as you are, not how you want to be but how you are and then between.

The two worlds between the two circles a communication bridge is established because otherwise you would be alone in the world a communication bridge or an interaction between one world and the other then for me the impostor syndrome means an imbalance in the balance means that this world is.

The Impostor Syndrome Is Having An Unbalanced Scale

What is the opinion of other third-party people weighs much more than your own opinion and in what you do is professionally or you try to do, you are looking for validation of this world, it is worth from other people and if you need valid you need validation of your potential clients that is to say that business that You want to undertake that activity?

That you want to do, you will need it to be useful for a certain population because if not then you will not have a business, and that validation you cannot get unless you start something because if you are on your sofa at home thinking it is that I do not know If it’s going to work, it’s because I don’t know if it’s going to work. After all, it won’t work. You Can Also Read 5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS | How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google.

Because you never start it then the impostor syndrome is having an unbalanced scale in what people think of you matters much more to you than what you think yourself than to reduce the impostor syndrome I think that one way is to balance the scale that is to stop giving so much importance to what others think and give a little more of importance to what.

The Equation Does Not Meet That Requirement

You think and in some cases, it even means removing people from this scale, that is to say, removing people from this group and that is what I mean especially with toxic people who surely you know more than one toxic people are those people who give Anyway, what you do and how you do it will always be wrong in their eyes, so.

Those people who do not want your good do not even love you because hey, the best thing is that you separate them from your life, it is much easier in life to build something if it is surrounded by people who want the best for you who even thinking differently from you support you in your decisions then analyze what people you have around you and think.

If they are all looking for your good and do not be afraid to remove people from the equation does not meet that requirement, this means that you break all the bridges between the two worlds because it is not often good to discuss with friends about your idea what you want to do what you are doing now to improve it but From a critical position and I mean critical of criticizing of analyzing.

I Had Tried It Would Have Worked For Me

You can perfectly listen to what people have to say about your business about the idea you want to set up you can analyze it perfectly critically and then criticize yourself criticize your idea and see hey well Maybe they are right or I am not right or even many times even if you are not right if you want to do it do it and do it with passion as if there was no other alternative learning.

What you have to learn and then go ahead and the results will tell you yes You were right or if your friends were right but you have done it, you have not been in doubt all your life about hey if I had tried it it would have worked for me because you do not know because you have not done it but if you do it then you will have the answer Well.

It didn’t work for me because of this, or look, it has worked for me. r but I can tell you one thing and that is that setting your goals greatly facilitates the task and I am going to give you the example of this YouTube channel that you are watching right now at the time of recording this video 10 months ago I started the channel and I said to myself well this is an idea that.

You Have Not Signed A Contract With Yourself

I had not considered until now but now I feel like I want to help people especially in this world of noise in which we are with many supposed gurus saying atrocities so I wanted to do my bit. bring some light even if it’s very small but it’s my light and I said to myself give yourself a year without a year you don’t get a thousand followers you leave it but that year a video.

A week is not negotiable that is to say I signed a contract with myself in the What did I say? You are going to try this on YouTube for a year by publishing a video a week and it is not negotiable so for me having clear and realistic objectives, of course, makes it much easier to undertake because you have already removed a component.

Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship

Be aware of the equation and that component is the question and if it is worth it and if and if I leave it now this does not work and if I leave it next week no you have not signed a contract with yourself that you are going to test it for a year no matter what happens and Look at today just today I just crossed three thousand followers and I have been ten months with which right now.

The Number Of Visits That Website Gets And The Number Of  Visits

I am happy with the decision I made and if I had listened to the opinion of people who told me that you are too old for YouTube and yes There are only kids playing for the night because I would not be here right now so I would tell you to set realistic goals, whether you are starting a business now or you have already launched it, set realistic goals and stick to them, sign a contract with yourself and do not break the contract and objectives.

That is relative not absolute and I explain what I mean if I compare myself with a YouTube channel with a million followers and I see that every time I publish I get 100 visits in one day and the o Another person gets a million because I can say hey is that I am not worth anything is that this is not for me, no no that is not a relative objective.

That is absolute relative objective would be of the followers that I already have what percentage they see my video in the first day or the first week there yes there is and you can compare yourself with channels of any size if we are talking about YouTube but the same with sales in your online business if you know of a competitor of yours that sells.

A thousand products a month and you sell three well, you will have to compare the number of visits that website gets and the number of visits your website gets and makes the percentage then the relative objectives is much more subtle than the absolute objectives and if hey sometimes you need absolute objectives.