I bought Steam Deck for the retro and the experience is a nightmare

Given the number of games in my Steam library that are not compatible, I have tried alternatives.

Steam Deck

When Steam Deck was introduced my eyes lit up like when as a child, on Three Kings Day, you found yourself with a new console next to the Nativity Scene. I couldn’t be happier! Not only for the idea of ​​bringing my PC games to the portable format. Actually, that was something more secondary. What made me jump for joy was the idea of ​​enjoying my extensive catalog of classic pc games I have on GOG lying on the couch. Yes, having Elden Ring or DOOM in a portable format is wonderful; but I think of Monkey Island, the adventures of Sierra, mythical RPGs like Baldur’s Gate or Arcanum, strategy games like Heroes of Might & Magic III… and I can’t help it, I get emotional like a child. So I would like nothing more than to tell you about my wonderful experience with retro games and Steam Deck, but the sad reality is that since I have the Valve machine I’m more frustrated than happy.

The degree of frustration to which Steam Deck has led me is very highGo ahead, I love playing games like Children of Morta, Hades or Return to Obra Dinn on Steam Deck. When a platform game is verified, it works like a charm and gives just what it promises… Well, except when there are stability problems and it throws you to the desktop. The problem for me comes with all those video games that are in my Steam library but don’t work, and that’s when you have to “mess around” with the console because unlike my colleague Alejandro Pascual, I like the idea of ​​installing and play without going into so much detail. Or at least, if I have to mess around, I like to see some progress. And I do not understand. Really, at times I have felt completely useless. I have followed the guide to install GOG and Epic Games Store on Steam Deck, I have both libraries synced with Heroic Launcher, and out of about 20 games I have installed only one works for me. Most are not executed directly. Into the Breach, on the other hand, starts but goes black. And the final straw comes with Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition, because I install the native version of Linux, and that is it doesn’t work like that.

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Someone give me a cable?! And I want you to read these words while you imagine me, desperate, begging for a little water in the middle of the desert. I have installed and uninstalled the program over and over again; I have changed the installation paths, I have tried different versions of Proton, Wine and other things that I don’t even know what they are for. I have also tried launching the app directly from Steam. Any. I already tell you. If at least he saw several of these games work, well, it will improve things in the future. But there is no way. And now to curl the curl, since GOG does not work for me, I have tried with the ScummVM emulator And more of the same. Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy against me because the world wants to see me suffer.

I downloaded Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, one of the games I have purchased from GOG, and it worked! Wonderful. At last my dream came true… until it came to the first fight and I realized that not even connecting a physical keyboard my pixelated Indy moves a finger. Namely. The game works, but I can’t pass it because there is no way to configure the controls so that the crosshead fulfills the function of the keyboard. I change the controls… and PUM, the emulator hangs. Now I’m laughing as I write this because the scene itself is absurdly crazy, but I must confess that the degree of frustration that Steam Deck has brought me to has been very, very high. As soon as you leave the comfort zone offered by the Steam Game Mode, it becomes very clear that what you have in your hands is a PC with all the law, but operated by Linux, which in my case and I understand that of many others, It is a system that we are not used to.

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And I don’t blame the machine or Valve, huh? the perfect scenario It would be GOG itself saying “hey, people are crazy about Steam Deck, why don’t we adapt the store to the platform?”. It would be perfect and I also feel that it would be great as a platform because, precisely, Steam Deck has made me change my consumption habits on PC. These last few years I used to buy everything from GOG, and now instead, seeing this scenario, I’ll stick to Steam because I know I’ll have fewer problems when it comes to running the games.

The ideal scenario is that GOG officially adapted to Steam DeckI know that this is very personal and that there will be many others who will love the Steam Deck experience and retro games, but I’m almost at the point of giving up right now. I wanted to use Steam Deck to play my entire catalog of PC classics that I’ve bought from GOG for years, and honestly, it put me off. Is your story very different from mine? Again, think of me as a castaway on the brink of madness. If you have advice, I’m all ears, either in the comments or through the 3DJuegos Discord.

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