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How to use Whatsapp to improve your business results

David Lillo and Javier Sánchez, from CREAME, join SiteGround to participate in one of their webinars and discuss how to use WhatsApp Business to improve your business results.

David Lillo and Javier Sanchezboth part of the design agency CREAME, responsible for the instant messaging WordPress plugin, have been the special guests at the Webinar of SiteGround on how to use WhatsApp Business on your WordPress website to allow communications with customers in your online business.

whatsapp business It is the version for professionals of the basic WhatsApp that, although the operation is similar, speak of a more specific profile with product catalogs involved and multiple useful tools in a professional way, speaking on the part of the company profile. It makes interactions with customers easier by offering tools to automate, organize, and quickly respond to messages. It is designed and works similarly to WhatsApp Messenger. You can use it to do everything you usually do, like send messages and photos.

Separate your personal number from the business number

In order to use this tool as a means to facilitate and improve communication and customer preferences, both professionals break down the keys to making efficient use of it in a webinar.

The api of whatsapp, it is not an application as such, with special characteristics with the approval of a verified company by whatsapp, based on a virtual line, which is a plus for customers. The way it works is peculiar due to the automatic closing to write freely, thus having to use a template, in order not to turn it into an automatic mail.

How to capture leads for whatsapp?

In order to exploit a little-known mechanism, these two professionals set out to create a plugin for WordPress, being a mechanism that facilitates access to this type of messaging, thus being a direct facility for businesses to sell much more.

With the aim of sharing this business, Lilo and Sánchez have shared with the SiteGround community how WhatsApp should be used in an online business with the so-called join.chata plugin installed on almost half a million websites.

From we wanted to share this interesting content with the help of SiteGround, being wordpress our main tool to publish our news, for this reason this Webinar helps us all to know every detail that comes to light to improve as professionals.

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