HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS FROM ZERO IN 2022. How to start an online business from scratch good successful businesses and also complete disasters. And in the entrepreneurial activity or managing my own companies or consulting other companies, helping other online businesses with their digital strategy, also in advisory functions.

How To Start An Online Business From Scratch

Since I have seen and continue to see the same patterns, the same patterns of errors, also from successes, but mistakes. So I want to share with you how to start an online business from scratch and what you should pay attention to and what perhaps you should not put so much emphasis on. And the first thing I want you to keep in mind is.

That a website is not a business. And why do I say this? Well because I see it constantly. People think that by creating a website by launching your website and publishing certain content you already have an online business, and nothing is further from the truth. The reality, normally, is that when you publish your website, four people are going to visit it and one of them is your mother.


That is, nobody cares about your website. Simply because you have a website that does not imply that you have a business. Yes, an online business normally involves having a website but the opposite is not true, that is, a website itself is not the whole business, it is a part of the business but it is not everything. What’s more, what I recommend is that for now, you forget the website.

What Your Business Idea Is And How You Are Going To Earn Money

That is, the first steps, which we are going to see now, you should do with the computer closed. You take a sheet of paper and a pen-like they did years ago and you start writing, drawing little pictures, and thinking about what your business idea is and how you are going to earn money. But wait for this video to finish to close your computer.

So once we know that the web is not the first thing you should focus on, what should you focus on? Well, the first thing you should focus on is your value proposition and your audience. And let me explain. The value proposition is how you differ from your competitors. If you are going to offer a product or a service in a specific market.

How do you differ from all the other companies that are already offering a similar product or service? The value proposition, which is answering the question of why people are going to buy from me and not from my competitors. The great failures that I have seen in recent years of online business, and I am talking about small online businesses, small, medium, succumb, fail because.

Create Their Website Without A Clear Value Proposition

They do not have a clear value proposition, that is, they jump to the Internet offering basically what they offer 150 thousand other companies and without giving a clear reason to the final consumer why they should buy from them and not from the other 150 thousand competitors. That on the one hand: a unique and differentiated value proposition from other competitors.

And on the other hand, we have the audience, that is, my value proposition, to whom it is going to add value. Well, it will add value to an audience, to a group of people, and that group of people is what you have to define very well. A group of people is not all the people who live in Spain, or all the people who live in Mexico, or everyone. You Can Also Read Top Six Profitable Business Ideas On The Internet.

Who uses the internet in Peru, that is not an audience. An audience should be something very concrete. And it may seem absurd to comment on this, but I see it constantly, there are online businesses that the first thing they do is create their website without a clear value proposition and think that their audience is everyone online, well with.

Online Business Will Solve That Specific Need

That assumption or those assumptions I can tell you that this online business is going to be very difficult to have a viable business. Therefore, the first and most important thing: spend time, as long as you need, to think about how you are going to add value and to whom you are going to add that value. Unique and differentiated value proposition and that value proposition to whom.

It is going to be directed, to which audience. Well, and the next point that you must consider and is related to the previous one is what transforms the client or user obtains. That is, the user is at a point d and has a specific need and you with your online business will solve that specific need. But from the starting point, what is the endpoint.

That is , the desired situation or the dream situation for the user. How are you going to take the user from their current situation, which is not the desired one, to a dream situation? And all this way you have to define it very well if you don’t want to lose people along the way. Okay, so once you have a value proposition, your audience.

How Many Online Businesses Are Not Clear On This

What transformation the client gets, the next thing is to see what your business model is, that is, how you are going to make money. And again, you may think, hey Jorge but this is common sense, well, you would be surprised to see how many online businesses are not clear on this. They launch their business without having a clear idea of ​​how.

They are going to make money from that business. Are you going to make money selling a product or a service? Are you going to earn money through advertising, through affiliation? Are you going to earn money through a monthly subscription model? How are you going to earn money? Well, all this you should be clear about and if.

You have only one product or service and that is your business model, Selling a product or a service, well, great, you do not need to complicate more, but you should be clear before jumping into the void how you are going to make money with that online business. The next point that I recommend is that you focus on your digital assets, at least initially.

The Only Thing Your Online Business Owns Is An SEO Optimized

Your most important digital assets are your SEO-optimized website and your email list. Those are your most important digital assets. And you’re telling me, hey, what about social media? Yes, maybe, I don’t know, it depends on your business, it depends on your market. But initially, I certainly wouldn’t focus on social networks; You can focus on social networks to run ad campaigns, yes, but focus on social networks to create organic traffic, most likely, nowadays, it will give you few results.

Another thing is that you already have a science created after years of creating content because I do not know here on YouTube or Facebook. If you already have an audience, obviously yes, but if you are starting from scratch I would not focus on creating organic traffic from social networks because today that is very difficult, not impossible, it is difficult, simply the organic traffic game requires time to that works, to get results. And if you are going to launch now you want faster results.

But always pay attention to the three digital assets that belong to you: which is your SEO-optimized website and your email list. And those are the most important digital assets of an online business because they belong to you; your followers on social networks do not belong to you, they are simply a loan. Overnight a service like Facebook, like YouTube, can decide to cancel your account or they can directly say, hey, we closed it, bye, and all your followers are gone, bye followers.

So keep that in mind: followers and all social media vanity metrics are a loan, the only thing your online business owns is an SEO optimized website and an email list, those are the digital assets you have under control. So focus on them from the get-go. The next point to consider is how you are going to generate traffic to your online business, to your website. It will be through organic traffic, it will be through ads, it will be through email marketing.