HOW TO GROW ON YOUTUBE FAST from SCRATCH. When you start from scratch on youtube the most important thing is SEO the most important thing is to say know how to position your videos on youtube choose a keyword for which there is a certain search per month and the competition is not very high and that is the secret of youtube much makeup with many more things to make you think that.

The Second Key To Growing On Youtube Is To Be Consistent

This is much more difficult and it is not one of the key components is before creating a video on YouTube, you study for which keyword you want to create it, what search volume that keyword has per month and what competition it has per month, then the balance It is fair to find a word that has at least 500 searches per month and whose competition is low for it.

There are several free tools that you can install in your browser, one of them is your body and the other is lead and with those two tools, you already have All you need will tell you to search volumes that there are per month for a keyword and competition for that keyword I have a course I want SEO positioning but to do on websites but honestly.


I have not thought of doing a youtube course and less charge for it because there are three things worth saying if you want me to create a free youtube course then sign up below and if we reach a thousand I will create it the second key to growing on youtube is to be consistent, that is, make a contract with yourself saying for a year.

A Week On YouTube And It Is Not Negotiable

I am going to publish a video a week on YouTube and it is not negotiable and you do this contract with yourself because once you do that you decide Weekly ion is about creating that video and I will not publish a video this week, whether or not you take that question out of the way from minute 1 and that will give you the consistency to upload more than one video a week to For example.

I find it quite demanding, but maybe you can upload more than once a week, how many more you upload, the faster you will grow on YouTube, this is how each video uploaded to YouTube is an opportunity to position a different keyword. and therefore reach different audiences then publish at least one video a week for a year and you will see that. You Can Also Read Two Popular Digital Businesses You Can Start In 2022.

The growth will eventually come but it takes for example as you can see here seven and a half months to reach a thousand subscribers but then to From there I am gaining practically a thousand subscribers a month and it continues to grow, so on YouTube the effects are not immediate, you are going to publish videos for five or six-seven months and you are going to see few results, but that’s the way it is.

The Youtube Ecosystem For A Long Time

You have to believe in yourself and think and know that in a few months you are going to get much better results, I see a lot of people who drop out at 23 months because they say they don’t get any good results because of course YouTube is a marathon, it’s a long-distance race. it is not a sprint you have to put yourself in the position of youtube and youtube is not very willing to promote channels.

That are new because youtube does not know if you are going to stay in the youtube ecosystem for a long time or not or you are just going to play for a few weeks and you are going to leave then your first videos are not going to have much attraction and that is the general rule if there can always be an exception like everything in life but for the vast majority of mortals, youtube is a marathon the third advice that.

I can Give to grow on YouTube is look at the metrics there are many people out there who say don’t look at the metrics and I tell you otherwise, pay close attention to all the metrics. Tricas of your channel it is true that the first videos are the first 15-20 videos you should do it with your eyes closed that is to say you are going to publish yes or yes regardless of the metrics but once your channel gains.

YouTubers That Is To Say That The Metrics

A certain attraction I am talking about a few hundred followers And your videos are seen by a few hundred people, so if you have to look very closely at the metrics of each video, people say, don’t be obsessed with the metrics, I only see the metrics once a week, well, I’m telling you what On the contrary, look at the metrics every day because.

That will give you indications of what future content you should create and what other content you should perhaps wait to create and a little related to that I would recommend that you do not compare yourself with other YouTubers that is to say that the metrics that you put are absolute for you not relative concerning another channel.

Because of course you are going to compare yourself with the big channels on youtube and you will always lose out and every channel on YouTube has been tiny at times so you can’t compare yourself with channels that have already had a lot of followers for a long time because that will demoralize you so prioritize absolute metrics that is your metrics.

I Want To Give You To Grow Your YouTube Channel

I want to reach a thousand followers in six months I want to reach five thousand followers in a year I want to reach 1000 visits per video in three months but do not compare yourself with other channels it is fine to look at how other channels do so that keywords position other videos than that of course but do not Obsessions with comparing yourself to other channels Another.

The advice I want to give you to grow your YouTube channel is to want your audience, your chosen audience, you should be concerned about each of your followers, it is a person behind who at a given moment has decided to follow you because your content He found it interesting so worry about all your followers if people comment on you your videos and you do not respond well because.

Those people will end up passing on you try to try to help your community in any of the topics you talk about and count on them for future content decisions that are to say which future video do you want me to believe which seems more interesting to do surveys and then the opinion of your followers of course because you must respect.

How You Will Grow If You Can Do SEO On YouTube

It then you want your followers and worry about the well-being of your followers The next piece of advice I want to give you is that you add value to your channel with the content that Do you think you should add value because that is how you will grow if you can do SEO on YouTube as I have told you volume versus competition is worth keywords.

But at the end of the day, the content you create your video must be the best on a topic concrete and that is the contribution of value that you make to your community within youtube ask yourself why people are going to see my video and not dozens of other videos that are dealing with the same topic if you do not give a clear answer to why and they will see you and not others because today you are already starting on the wrong foot, your content should try to be the best possible on a topic and the.


The next piece of advice I want to give you to grow your YouTube channel is to be patient if the results on YouTube take time, they take time to arrive, I tell you, it took me seven months to reach a thousand followers and then the graph tends to curve and the Bahamas That is, the growth rate increases over time if you are consistent if you add value to your videos if you do the pse well or within youtube than.

The pse or on youtube are two little things: the video and the description and point that they do not tell you out there It is more complicated than that, and if you have been thinking about creating a channel on YouTube for a long time, you know what is the best advice I can give you that you start and that is that you start.

Since you do not eat the c Better not think about the mega camera that you have to buy the mega microphone that you have to buy not everything is about creating the best possible content around a keyword that has certain searches per month more than 500 and that the competition for that keyword is low.