HOW TO EMAIL MARKETING TO SELL MORE In 2022. You don’t know how to do email marketing to generate more sales in your e-commerce? Getting traffic to your online store is every time more difficult. Ad prices on social networks do not stop increasing and competition at Google is getting higher. With this panorama, the owner of an online store should focus on conversion optimization and customer loyalty.

Implement AlL Email Marketing Techniques

And there it is where email marketing comes in. Email marketing is perfect for optimizing conversion and for loyalty. If you implement all email marketing techniques that, your sales will improve. Technique number 1. Send emails based on user behavior on your Web. This is done with automation.

If you don’t know what automation where we go in-depth about what is automation in email marketing. An example of this type of email is when someone goes to your online store adds a product to the cart and then gives up. This is called cart abandonment. That is, the purchase does not end. According to Statista, 70% of users abandon carts.

Do you want to lose all those people forever? Well, for of course not. In this case of cart abandonment, it is people who almost made the purchase but something has distracted or annoyed them. So through automation, you can try to get back any of those users. They need a little push to finalize the purchase: maybe a little discount, it helps with something they have not understood.

The Past Behavior They Have Had With Your Emails

And therefore through automation, through user behavior on the web, you can recover part of those dropouts. According to Prestashop, emails from cart abandonment behavior shipped 20 minutes after leaving the cart, generate an average of 5.2% conversion, which is not anything bad. That is, only a series of emails sent by the behavior of Abandonment suddenly generates 5% more sales on your website.

Technique number 2 The second technique to sell more in your online store is to send emails based on user behavior with your emails. I mean, not the behavior they have had on your website but the past behavior they have had with your emails. Let me explain it to you. Let’s say that from your email service provider, you send a newsletter with the launch of a new product.

If you send that newsletter and you stay there well you’re losing a lot of opportunities. According to Active Campaign, the average open rate is around 17%. When sending emails based on the user behavior with your emails you can, in this case, send a second message to all your contact list that has not opened the first launch message that you have sent.

Email Marketing An Almost Obvious Strategy

You can wait 12 hours, 24 hours, this is already a matter of test and what works best and this way are you putting your message in front of all those people who did not open your first email. If the open rate is at 17%, maybe in this second attempt you reach something between 5 and 10% extra, which you have earned for free, which you would have lost.

If you didn’t send that second email based on the user behavior with the first e-mail. Technique number 3 Send promotional campaigns. If you want to sell more with email marketing an almost obvious strategy is to send promotional campaigns. Promotions, or discounts, work and they work well. But be careful, the last what you want is to get used to your list of contacts to wait to buy you until you have a discount or promotion. You Can Also Read THE BEST EMAIL MARKETING TOOL ✅.

So this has to be done cautiously. Promotional campaigns work when done cautiously. The normal example is to send a campaign promotional on dates like Black Friday or Christmas. Well, almost everyone is waiting for that. But get off the beaten track. For example, occasionally surprise your contact list with campaigns promotional not expected, that is, other than father’s day or mother or black Friday.

Email Marketing Is At The Top Of  The Funnel

Surprise them once in a while and you’ll see how you get results. Little question. Have you sent promotional emails to your contacts? I’m curious so if you’ve sent please comment below with yes and if you have not sent comments with a no. I have curious to know what it is you’re doing. Technique number 4 This idea to sell more in your store online with email marketing is at the top of the funnel.

And you will say: well what nonsense. Yes, it’s silly, but that’s how things work. So there is some risk of that your email if it contains images, which are attachments to your email, go to the spam folder and that’s the last thing you want because that person you are not going to see that email nor probably your successive emails.

So to make sure the contact sees that first welcome email, just send it as text: no logo, no images, nothing, just text. That way you almost make sure 100% that the user will receive the message in their inbox, and not in the spam folder nor the Gmail promotions tab. And once that contact has opened that first text message already from there you can have more assurance.

Upsells And Downsells And Cross-Sells With Email Marketing

That future messages, even if photographs are included, will receive them in their inbox and not spam and you will never see them and they will never know more about you. Technique number 5 Do upsells and downsells and cross-sells with email marketing. If you want to sell more with email marketing, a simple technique is to do upsells and downsells.

And what are these, will you say? Upsells is the strategy of offering your customer items in your store that is more expensive than what you have already bought and downsells the opposite, i.e. offer your custom products from your store that are cheaper than what you have already bought. And cross-sells, that is, cross-selling is offering complementary products to the one have already bought.

So both upsells like cross-sells like downsells, you should already do them on your webpage, that is, during checkout. But not everyone will be willing to buy another product apart from the one already has bought. And that’s where e-mail marketing comes into play because with email marketing you can set up an automation to be sent after X days of purchase, and with X you have to try yourself.

Email Marketing, A Good Idea Is To Launch A Product

It can be 20 days, it can be 30 days, this is a question to test, to do A / B tests, then you put this automation that after let’s say 30 days a sequence starts of emails, a sequence of emails where you’re going to try doing upsells, downsells and cross-sells. One mistake to avoid is trying to do the upsells too soon.

You can never send your first upsell mail when the client hasn’t even received your first product. I mean, you have to take into account that your customer has already received the product he has bought, that he has tested it, that he is happy with the product and then maybe he will be willing to buy you another product.

But if you send him the upsell Before receiving the product, let’s say, three days after making the purchase, well you’re going to look pretty bad and you’ve probably already burned your ships. I mean, you won’t have another chance so clear to sell that person an upsell. Play with the times, tune them, and you will see how your sales will increase only with this automation.

Technique number 6. Launch a product with a series of emails. If you want to sell more with email marketing, a good idea is to launch a product over several days using email marketing. Instead of launching the product with only one punctual newsletter in one day and you’re done and you forget, you’re going to launch the product several days long. What you do is generate expectation, even exclusiveness. Make your contacts feel special during these days of pre-launch. You can even make launch the product into an interactive game with your database.